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Presenting A New Google Partner - Meyer Computer Inc
Meyer Computer Inc is recognized as being trustworthy by Google.
August 29, 2014

"With Partner status, your agency can get recognized as a trusted business partner by Google and by clients."

By Beth Kawachi

Have you heard the news? Yes, it's true! Meyer Computer, Inc. is among the first few businesses in Hawaii to gain Partner status with Google. What does this mean for our clients? Well, gaining Partner status means that Google has found our company to be ethical and trustworthy, which in turn means our clients can rest easy knowing that they can trust in our marketing department to work hard so that they won't have to.

In order to reach partner status we needed to meet different requirements. Among those requirements were using the best practices possible for our client accounts and demonstrating that we are maximizing their AdWords performance. Google (as well as the marketing staff at Meyer Computer) wants to make sure that our clients are receiving the best service possible and that we're making the most of their budgets. Additionally, the head of our marketing department, April Chang, took the Fundamentals exam and an Advanced exam to become certified in AdWords. In order to make sure we stay on top of things, Google requires that April retake the Advanced exam every year, and the Fundamentals exam every two years.

Do you need help with your online marketing, SEO, or content creation? Look no further than the awesome* marketing staff here at Meyer Computer! Don't know how to contact us? Give us a call at 808.249.0970 or send an e-mail to We look forward to helping you put together a custom marketing plan that will fit all of your business' needs!

*Awesomeness now recognized by Google

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Website Design Spotlight - Rentals Maui
A fresh new look, now with mobile-friendly design!
August 16, 2014
By Nikki Kurisu

Rentals Maui, a popular South Maui vacation rental company, helps visitors find the perfect vacation rental to fit all of their needs during their visit to Maui. They offer a wide variety of properties to choose from which are close to all of the great attractions South Maui has to offer, including: shopping, beaches, dining, and more!

Now, on to the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the shiny new website! now sports a mobile-friendly design, making it easily viewable on your desktop computer, handheld tablet, and mobile device. Navigation has never been easier than it is now with the new simple menu layout. With a simple click of a mouse or tap of your finger, quickly perform real-time searches and book your favorite vacation rental, browse all available vacation rental properties, or discover current rental deals and discounts.

We hope you love the new Rentals Maui website as much as we do! And don’t forget, if you’re in the market for a new website, feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to help you create the website you’ve always wanted.
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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tips Google Adwords Geo-Targeting
How to use Targeted Locations to Get Your Ads to The Right People
August 07, 2014
By April Chang

Are you running Google Ads? What would you say if you could improve your Return on Investment (ROI) by being more innovative with the tools offered by Adwords? YeeHaw! Right!?! Well, maybe something along those lines anyway.

Get started by heading over to the settings area of your PPC campaign where you'll find some pretty powerful tools at your full disposal.

This time around we're going to take a closer look at Targeted Locations. Now, unless you are contemplating world supremacy, there is no reason your pay-per-click ads need to be visible to everyone around the world. Depending on your business, it makes the most sense to limit your ads to your target audience.

AdWords Location Targeting lets you target your ads to specific geographic areas.
  • Country
  • Region
  • Metro
  • City
  • Postal Code (currently US only)
  • Select a Radius Around a Location


Remember - The more focused you are in targeting the right customers for your ads, the greater your ROI -- Period!


WAIT! You're not done yet... scroll down a wee bit on the campaign settings page to find Location Options (Advanced) and here is what you'll see:


First Option : People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location (recommended).
Select this and your ad will be set to appear for anyone who is physically located in your targeted location AND to anyone who is located anywhere that is searching for web pages about your targeted location.

Second Option : People in my targeted location.
Your ads will show for anyone who is physically located in your targeted location only.

Third Option : People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location.
If you select this option, the PPC ads will display for anyone who shows interest in your targeted location, regardless of where they are physically located. Those people outside of your geo-targeted area would have shown an interest in your locations through terms they used in their searches, content that they are viewing online, as well as a few other methods.

Geo-Targeting is Your Friend

Correctly geo-targeting your campaigns means you won’t blow your ad spend on wasted clicks from people who are outside your target area -- people that aren't really interested in your products or services. Which means you’ll be increasing the likelihood that the people clicking on your ads are ready to turn into customers. BAM Better ROI!

GeoTargeting has become an essential tool allowing you to make the most efficient use of your limited advertising budget.
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Seeing the Bigger Picture in Online Marketing
Social media, blog entries, paid ads and your website all play a part in making your online marketing strategy a success.
July 30, 2014

By Patty-Ann Copperfield

Why am I not ahead of 'these guys' on Google? I've had my site for over a year!

Do you frequently add fresh content to your site?

Are you actively engaging on any social networks?

But I have ads on Google!
How often are these ads optimized to target specific keywords related to your industry and niche?

This is a familiar scenario that we are asked, all too often. Ultimately, companies need to understand that it takes more than a snazzy website to market your business online. Here's a few suggestions to get you going in the right direction:
  • Create good content regularly for your website.
  • Build a social community with quality information so that you become a source of information.
  • Combine these efforts with an ad campaign to increase visibility for your site.
Create your own content regularly.
The quickest and easiest way to continually add fresh content is through a blog. Write articles that will appeal to your targeted audience. I cannot stress enough, on how important it is to use your own words. Copy and Paste is a big no-no. Plagiarism is l-a-z-y and in some instances, may even lead to copyright infringement. With that said, steer clear of cookie cutter companies that sell you auto-generated blogs that are generically written for your industry. A quick check with a decent online plagiarism tool will show if any part, or the article in its entirety, has been duplicated. Don't fall into the Two Birds, One Stone trap that'll negatively impact your website from duplicate content. If you decide to go with a writer, make it clear on what you'd like written and ask for writing samples. You can use the handy plagiarism tool I mentioned earlier to check for anything disreputable.

Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house. -Mari Smith
If you jump on the social media bandwagon - do it right. Social media engagement is vital and plays a big part in the amount of exposure you can create for your business. If you are just starting to test the waters with social media pick a platform or two instead of signing up for ALL of the networks available. This will allow you to focus time and effort with your chosen audience, versus trying to upkeep a variety of channels. You may have guessed it already - if I had to recommend a social network to start with, it would be Facebook. Although I love Twitter, information moves at a much quicker pace and can be intimidating for beginners.

Avoid Watered Down Ads
Let's say I'm a foodie blogger and I just created this Epic Apple Pie a la Mode recipe. My blog is fairly new and receives a decent amount of traffic but I really like apple pie a la mode, so I want to tell the world about it! So, I shuffle over to Google Ads and start an ad campaign for my awesome recipe.

First, I would research to see how popular the keyword phrase 'Apple Pie a la Mode Recipe' is. If it looks promising, I will optimize my ad campaign to focus on my preferred keyword phrase. When targeting your ad to the specific search term you want to take into account its expected reach, or how many people will see, and ultimately click on, your ad.

The term 'Apple' is too broad, and can get lost in a mess of searches for Apple brand technology. Avoid confusion by being specific with your keywords. It's the difference between: Apple > Apple Pie > Apple Pie a la Mode > Apple Pie a la Mode Recipe

The more people my ad reaches, the more likely my ad will be clicked on, therefore leading to more people who will get to share in the deliciousness that is my Epic Apple Pie a la Mode recipe!

The Bigger Picture
It takes more than time to start ranking prominently in SERPs. A sitting website with no updates will become stagnant. Kick start interest from search engines with a weekly blog to create relevant fresh content on a regular basis. Engage your social audience by actively communicating and updating followers. Use your activity to drive traffic back to your website. Rework those ads to target specific keywords/phrases, instead of being vague for irrelevant clicks. Don't confuse a big click-through rate as being a successful campaign. Are these clicks leading to purchases? If not, give our office a call at 808-249-0970.
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Real Results For Your Online Business
Making the most of your customer data.
July 19, 2014

By Jesse Conboy

Have your online marketing efforts brought you measurable results? If you answered "no" to this question, perhaps it's time you considered utilizing our online marketing solutions for your business. While our many satisfied clients and proven track record of results speaks volumes, it is our ability to stay on top of current trends while utilizing the latest techniques to market your business efficiently which sets us apart from others in the online marketing space. As part of our efforts to provide our clients with the best services available, our expert staff routinely earn certifications in the latest marketing technologies available.

Case in point: Meyer Computer's very own April Chang recently completed the "Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions" course presented by Google's Analytics Academy. An in-depth, multi-unit course "Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions" teaches reporting and analysis techniques to aid in the understanding of online customers, their shopping behaviors, and how best to utilize this understanding for advancing one's business conversions and overall strategy.

If you too would like to utilize April's knowledge to boost your online business, contact Meyer Computer, Inc. today for your free marketing consultation.
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Meyer Computer Recognized by Maui United Way
MCI honored with the Maui United Way Community Partner Award for 2014
July 12, 2014
By Jesse Conboy

Held at the Kamehameha Golf Course Clubhouse, the Maui United Way 45th Annual Meeting and Recognition Luncheon brought together many of Maui's best and brightest as the organization installed new officers Stephen Kealoha, chair; Paul Mizoguchi vice chair; Scott Blaine, treasurer; and William Nill, secretary while also recognizing the many partner agencies and individuals whom help to support Maui United Way's ever expanding contribution to our community. These many contributors have helped Maui United Way raise close to $1 million over the past year alone; money which will help support over 40 community organizations including new partner agencies Special Olympics, Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui, Lahaina Arts Association, Book Trust, PATCH, PACT, and the Paia Youth & Cultural Center.

In addition to great food and great company, the staff at Meyer Computer, Inc. were pleasantly surprised and honored to be recognized by the organization as Maui United Way president Laksmi Abraham presented owner Chris Meyer with the Community Partner Award for continuing to provide web services for Maui United Way throughout the years!

A big thank you goes out to Laks and the entire crew at Maui United Way for continuing to help our community "Live United." Mahalo!
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Anatomy of an Outstanding Facebook Post
Ten tips to help you effectively engage and communicate with your audience.
July 03, 2014
Meyer Computer Facebook Page

By April Chang

Facebook is SO easy! Just post to your Facebook Page and people will come in droves to hear what you have to say... Right? Well, we all wish it was that easy, but the reality is that many businesses and individuals stop updating their pages when they don't see the results they imagined.

But don't despair. It's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again. We have some Facebook Marketing tips that will help you successfully engage and increase your following.

  • Don't let your fans forget about you! Post regularly. You can safely post multiple times a day. Also think about the time you are posting. When are more people online? During working hours or after? Posting at the right time will help you get more views.
  • Keep it short, sweet, engaging and concise! Write a short blurb to entice your fans and link off to the appropriate page. Stay away from long posts. You don't want to give everything away -- you want fans want to click on your link!
  • If you're sharing information, don't make the people work to find it. Link back to the relevant blog post or website page whenever and wherever possible. Don't just link to the main page of your site.
  • Try and be as diverse in subject as possible while staying within the theme of your Brand/Website. Don't just stick to the same ol' same ol'. That's boring for you and it's boring for your Facebook fans.

  • Asking questions and get people talking. Start a conversation. People will like, share and impart their wisdom/opinion which will increase engagement.
  • Pin or anchor one of the posts on your page's timeline to the top. It will stay up there for 7 days. Use this feature to highlight specific posts about remarkable content.

  • Use images whenever possible. They are proven time and time again to increase engagement. It's the eye candy that pulls them in.

  • Like comments, engage and answer fans. It's a great way to grow your audience and show you're interested in what your Facebook fans have to say.

  • Be sure to reply to people asking questions in a timely manner. The sooner the better! If someone takes the time to leave a question on your Facebook Page, do not make them wait long for an answer.
  • Positivity begets positivity. Feelings are contagious. Post happy things. Share fun pictures and videos. Use that like button. It will inspire and energize your fans which will translate into more engagement and sharing.
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Website Design Spotlight - Maui AIDS Foundation receives a brand-new look!
June 13, 2014
By Nikki Kurisu

Each year, Meyer Computer, Inc. offers one Hawaii non-profit organization a free website or website redesign. This year, the Maui AIDS Foundation was selected!

Founded in 1986, the Maui AIDS Foundation (MAF) has been providing their services to Maui County to promote sexual health and well-being of our community. MAF offers programs to educate their clients and Maui’s community about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD/STI). MAF offers several services to their clients including: Case Management, in which clients are evaluated and are provided help in the best way possible. There is also a Food Pantry, which allows clients to shop from an assortment of nutritious products and fresh produce, and a housing program is also offered to qualifying clients to help them with monthly rental assistance.

Our diligent web design team at Meyer Computer has been working closely together with the MAF staff since the beginning of this year to build a brand-new responsive website:! You’ll find that the website is easy to navigate and its responsive design allows for easy viewing on any mobile or tablet device!

If you’re interested to find out more about our Website Design Services please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to assist you in any way we can.
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Welcoming Megan to the Meyer Computer Family
Introducing our new Office Assistant...
June 06, 2014

By Beth Kawachi

We are always excited to welcome a new staff member into the fold here at Meyer Computer. Everyone put your hands together because we're excited to introduce our new Office Assistant, Megan Simmons!

Megan is a recent graduate of the University of Hawaii at Maui College, where she was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and received her Associates degree in Accounting. Prior to joining our team, Megan worked part-time as a bookkeeper and part-time in the retail industry. All of these details make it evident how hard-working she is!

Complementing her excellent work ethic is the fact that she is naturally very helpful and friendly. She is a joy to work with, not only for us, but I believe that our clients will have a great experience working with her as well!

If you are interested in having our awesome team create a new website for you or your business, or you need help managing your social media accounts then feel free to contact us by phone at 808-249-0970, where you will be greeted by Megan's friendly voice.

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New Kid on the Twitterverse Block
Use these helpful tips to avoid embarrassing first-timer blunders
June 02, 2014

New Kid on the Twitterverse Block

By Patty-Ann Copperfield

Being the new kid is never fun. We've all been there. 30 tweets later, and still no one has Mentioned, Favorited or Followed. Here are a few suggestions to prevent you from being a stagnant new account.

Hello Twitter

First things first. Update your Profile to reflect your brand.
  • Use your logo as the profile avatar
  • Link to website
  • Include a short company blurb
  • Add location
Find a Few Friends, or Frenemies
Yay, your new Twitter account has been made! Off the bat, Twitter will nudge you forward with accounts thrown in your face, labeled as Suggested Users. Before you go on a Following Spree, stop! Prior to diving in head-first, create a basic game plan. Do some ground work. Make a note of what accounts are similar to yours and observe their approach to handling their Twitter account. Are they successful at engaging their audience?

If you'd like to keep an eye on your competition without them knowing, set up a Twitter List and set it to Private. This will allow you to generate a feed based on list groupings. Unlike your Home Feed, a List will strip away the noise, and present only specific accounts.

Now you can make a few friends. Seek out likeminded brands, any organizations your company supports, news source, etc. But keep in mind to avoid mass following, as well as unfollowing. Twitter can flag your account for spamming abuse, and most integrated Twitter tools have removed multiple follow/unfollow features, specifically for this reason.

Don't be a Me
A Me, is a user that likes to toot their own horn far too frequently. Savvy Twitter users will skim and scan quickly through your profile before Following and if all that's there is self promotion - good luck with that.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open
Search within Twitter to find conversations that relate to your industry. A useful way to do this, is with a Hashtag*. Save hashtag searches after you query a search. Like Lists, hashtag searches allow you to narrow your search. Find Tweets that relate to your brand and things that you'd like to discuss. You may even be lucky enough to come across a user looking for information that's specific to your company's service.

*By the way, since I've mentioned Hashtags:
#AvoidUsingUnnecessarilyLongHashtagsLikeThis #or #also #using #them #this #way #to #tell #a #story. Bottom line: It's irritating as hell, difficult to read for most and it looks horrible. Unless of course, you are doing this for comical reasons. If so, carry on.

Thank you for the Follow @Jack! Thank you for the Follow @Sam! Thank you for the Follow @Karen!
You get the point. Abused automated responses are dull and fake. Thank You Tweets should come off as meaningful and personal. You kill the entire vibe by letting an automation do it for you. Not all autoresponders are bad. If you have a blog, let that automatically feed to your account. If you're an ocean related company, automate the surf readings from your area. The key is to find a balance, without overdoing it.

My biggest pet peeve is an account that is solely run through a Facebook connection. All Tweets look like incomplete statements ending in that blasted "" For crying out loud people, if you are on Twitter: Be. On. Twitter.

Inconsistent Spurts of Activity
A Tweet here, a Tweet there, followed by complete silence. Be consistent with your tweeting activity. The bare minimum I'd suggest, is one per day. Optimal timing for your posts will depend on who you are trying to reach. For example, B2B works best during best during business hours when businesses are actively engaging.

What Works for Me, May Not Work for You
All the suggestions that I've offered up, are exactly that. Suggestions. You may find a better way to work the system, and by all means - go for it. Everything that I do, may not work for you. And that's okay. It doesn't mean that you have failed, it just means you need to adjust your approach. With enough socializing within Twitter and experimenting with things like, the best time to post, you will be able to determine what works for your brand and the audience that you are targeting.
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