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The Importance of Blogging

By nature, search engines want to give their users the most current, relevant and up-to-date information available.
June 16, 2017

The Importance of Blogging

It can be difficult to communicate the significance of a well balanced marketing plan, so I’m continuing a series called the “Importance of…” where I’ll break down the finer points of these search engine marketing and social media network strategies in the hopes that it just might give someone the realization and insight that will allow them to better understand the broader view of Internet marketing.

The Importance of Blogging

There is nothing worse to search engines then old stagnant websites! By nature, search engines want to give their users the most current, relevant and up-to-date information available. So how can you easily add all this new content to your website on a regular basis? Yup, you guessed it... blogging is a great way to offer up new related articles about your companies services in a fresh and exciting way.

That said, the point is not to post articles for the sake of posting. The main focus should be to enhance your website on a regular basis to benefit visitors, with an aim of increasing the clicks, user engagement, and new links to and from your site. These are the clearest signals you can send to search engines to show that your site is fresh and deserving of high rankings.

Be Fresh * Be Relevant * Most Importantly, Be Useful!

The Benefits of Company Blogs for Marketing

Added SEO Value & Driving Traffic

Who doesn’t want more traffic? Every blog post is one more indexed page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for your website to show up in the search results. Not only that, but every interesting and informative blog post you create means more content people can easily share on the social networks. That’s good traffic potential from both search engines and social media! Need topic ideas? Look to answer the questions your customer base asks on a regular basis. Blog about the latest innovations in your business and current trends in your industry.

Positioning Your Site as an Industry Leader

By answering those regularly asked questions, you are providing the perfect content to help your customer. It’s your chance to shine and show them how knowledgeable you are in your industry. With each clear, reliable and truthful blog post you put out there, you are also building trust for your service or brand. You will be the first person that comes to mind when the products or services you provide are needed.

Building Visitor/Customer Relationships

A customer relationship begins from that very first moment someone visits your website. A good way to encourage people to return to your site is by providing interesting and useful blog posts on a regular basis. They are less likely to forget about you when those blogs come out and keep you top-of-mind. It’s less likely they will head to one of your competitors because they are happy with the information and service you are providing. Remember, with every blog post they read, you are also building a sense of trust and that can extend to brand/service loyalty.

Make Running a Blog Work for You

To really utilize the blogging medium, here are some key points to keep in mind:

●     Post on a regular basis to keep you and your services front in the minds of your clients.

●     Make sure the content is interesting, can really help customers, or gets people talking (and sharing).

●     Build your customer relationships and keep them coming back for more!

If done properly, your business blog will naturally drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO potential, position your company or service as an industry leader and help you build those important customer relationships. It’s never too late to start. Time to get to blogging!

About This Series

Meyer Computer, Inc. has been providing Hawaii with website design and internet marketing services for quite awhile now, and through the years we’ve had quite a few people coming in to talk about the frustration of getting their company team on-board when it comes to having a diverse marketing strategy.

As I’ve said in past posts, many of these methods work great hand-in-hand to create a healthy internet marketing strategy that will get your business noticed. Feel free to make an appointment to come into our Maui office or just call and talk to one of our Social, SEO & Marketing experts to find out what works best for you and your business!

Past “Importance of…” Blogs:

Facebook Advertising

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Engagement

April Chang
Author: April Chang
Internet Marketing Specialist at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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Happy Small Business Week!

Meyer Computer is hosting a Google Small Business Workshop on Maui
April 28, 2017

We will be partnering with Google on a small business workshop coming up next week. We're #AllForSmallBiz, and 🎈National Small Business Week🎈 is our chance to share some knowledge and give back. If you have been feeling like you need help with your online business presence, this is your chance.

We know you are busy, overwhelmed, and pulled in 20 directions everyday! But next Friday, make the time... get your questions answered - for free. Interested? Register here:

The "Why" behind the workshop: Small businesses are the growth engine of our economy, creating 2 out of 3 net new jobs. And businesses that are online grow 40% faster than those that aren’t. We can help small businesses connect with more customers by helping them get online and on the map.

 1 Small Business Administration, 2016
2 Source 1: BCG Report, The Connected World: The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity, March 2012

The Importance of Facebook Advertising

Wondering if Facebook Ads are the right fit for you or your business? Take a Look-See!
March 16, 2017


Over the years, we’ve met with many people that understood the importance of having a diverse marketing strategy.  Yet many of them faced challenges when trying to communicate the significance of a well balanced marketing plan to their team. To speak to this, we will be continuing our series called the “Importance of….”

The goal of the series is to break down the finer points of diverse marketing plans in the hopes of providing that "ah-ha moment," allowing for a better overall understanding of the big picture of Internet marketing.

Throughout our series, I'll cover the leading basic strategies and how they could work for you. It's important to note, as I’ve said before, not every business is the same and some strategies are not going to be the right fit for your business. If you need assistance sorting it all out, you can come in and meet with one of our experts to find out what works best for you and your business.

Several of these methods work well hand-in-hand to create the well-balanced Internet marketing strategy that will get your business ahead. Remember, as tempting as it can be, never put all your eggs in one basket!  With the dynamic, changing nature of marketing on the Internet, focusing all your resources in one area can be a losing endeavor.

In our February 4th blog post we tackled the first subject in our series titled The Importance of Organic Search Engine Optimization.
Now we’ll move onto:

The Importance of Facebook Advertising

From Facebook page likes, post engagement, lead generation, video views, app installs, ads on Instagram, to ads that get people to your website, advertising with Facebook is a smart and effective way to go. Why you ask?

  • Organic Reach is Dead
  • Reach the Masses
  • Audience Invested Time
  • Amazing Ad Targeting
  • Visibility & Branding
  • Diversified Strategy

Facebook Organic Reach is Dead

In 2016, FB page owners saw the number of people actually seeing their posts cut by approximately 50%. We're talking about losing half your audience! While Facebook maintains that this decline is due to feed refinement and increase in the volume of content, that amount continues to decline. While they say it is not intentional, Facebook continues to gradually strangle the organic reach of posts to essentially force companies to “pay-to-play”.

So, even though someone "Liked" your page, and you created a super-duper awesome post, doesn't mean Facebook is going to put in front of your existing audience. Running Facebook ads guarantees exposure not only to your existing audience, but to an extended audience as well.

Reach the Masses

Over 1.8 billion people log onto Facebook every month. Unequivocally the largest social media network to-date, and still growing day by day, Facebook doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. New features and acquisitions, mixed with Facebook's unique and interesting ways to stay in touch,  keeps their audience coming back for more. Even diehard anti-Facebooker’s like my mum, have taken a second look and come to the dark side. Yes, the lure of her kids and grand-baby pics was just too much for her!

Audience Invested Time

People spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook. People are checking on friends, family and news. Some are checking before, during and after work. The average time is 20 minutes per visit, but when you are looking at several potential visits a day, that can add up! Knowing people are investing their time here makes FB advertising a necessary consideration for your business.

Amazing Ad Targeting

It's possible to zero in on the perfect target audience, choose from over a dozen different ad objective formats, and lose yourself in hundreds of possible ad targeting parameters.

Here’s an example… Imagine you are a wedding planner offering your services in Hawaii. With Life Events targeting, you can select people that have just gotten engaged. Couple that with location targeting specific to Hawaii and/or interest targeting people that like Hawaii and you have a powerful audience to market your business to.

Visibility & Branding

Facebook offers the ability to keep your business fresh in the minds of the people interested in your services now and into the future. Seize the opportunity! Our suggestions? Engage with your audience. Give good customer service. Post consistently and provide some fun now and then. Deliver content that interests your fans. Be an authoritative figure without being a know it all. Be authentic to your brand.

Diversified Strategy

Remember earlier in this post when I asked you not to put all your marketing eggs in one basket? You don’t have to stick with just one advertising strategy. As a matter of fact, we highly recommend you try out various options to find the best fit for you. For most of our clients here at Meyer Computer, Inc. we run 3 different types on average, per client.

More info: Facebook Marketing

April Chang
Author: April Chang
Internet Marketing Specialist at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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Tip 2 Life after computer death.... is it possible?

Backing up in the age of ransomware.
February 13, 2017

And we’re back… with TNT #2! TNT is a series of tips and tidbits to help you navigate the digital world brought to you once a month, by the team here at Meyer Computer, Inc!

Tip #2 --- Life after death.... is it possible?

We can’t answer in all cases, but for business technology, we can help. Let’s dig deeper….

Have you ever thought, "If my computer dies tomorrow, will my business survive?"  Hopefully you have! If it has never crossed your mind, you should definitely consider it. Being in the computer business we can tell you first hand this is a very real concern/threat to your business.

Backups in the age of ransomware.

Today every aspect of our lives is on our computers. So backups are not just a good idea, they are mandatory. But are they enough?

The current scourge of the internet is ransomware; you click on a link in an email, and suddenly all the files on your computer are encrypted, and there's a pop-up telling you how to pay the ransom to get your files back.

So all you have to do is restore your files from your backup, right?

Not so fast. In this time of cheap external hard drives, a common and easy way to backup is to backup to an external hard drive. But if you keep that drive connected to your network, then it is likely to have its files encrypted as well.

What about on-line backups? Google docs, drop-box, and dedicated on-line backup solutions? Could you just get your files from there? Unless the sync has already taken place, then your on-line backups are encrypted as well.

So what to do?

If you are using an external hard drive to backup to, you should only have it connected to your network long enough to complete your backup. Then it should be disconnected and stored in a safe place. Even better, have at least two drives that you rotate, so you always have two backups, NOT connected to your network. And you get extra points for storing them in a different location!

And for on-line backups?

Many of the on-line systems have a versioning system that will save multiple copies of your files, so you only need go back to a version from before the encryption. To make sure this is an option, research the system you are using to make sure older copies of your files are kept, and that you can get to them. Keep in mind, however, that you generally have to restore the older version one file at a time - a task that could take days.

The best option?

Both! We recommend having off-line hard drive backups that are easy to get to and restore all your files, and on-line backups, with multiple file versions, for a second line of defense.

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The Importance of Organic Search Engine Optimization

Good for users & search engines. Win-win!
February 04, 2017


Over the years, we’ve had many people come in to talk to us about how they understood the importance of having a diverse marketing strategy. Yet they were left frustrated in trying to communicate the significance of a well balanced marketing plan to their team. I’m going to do a series called the “Importance of…” to, hopefully, get down to the finer points of these marketing plans that just might break through to those that don’t yet understand the big picture.

During this series, I will be covering the main basic strategies and how they could work for you. That said, not every business is the same and some strategies are not meant for all. That’s where you can come in and talk to one of our experts to find out what works best for you and your business.

Several or all of these methods can work hand-in-hand to make a well balanced Internet marketing strategy that will get your business ahead. Remember, never put all your eggs in one basket!

The first subject we’ll tackle . . . 

The Importance of Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is basically the optimizing of your website using the content of the page, title tags, meta tags, header tags, etc. to get as much concise information to the search engines so they know what your website is offering. Good SEO practices also strive for improved user experience and usability of a site. All this works toward improving search engine rankings, your website's visibility, and happy site visitors. Good for users AND search engines… win-win, I say!

While pay-per-click (PPC) will drive more traffic to your website fast and social media can be more important for branding your company's image, organic search engine optimization (SEO) is still the bedrock of a website's presence and should be the first place you start.

I know earlier I said some strategies may not work for everyone. To me, this isn’t one of ‘em. I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t optimize your website… Feel free to let me know if you think of any!

Visibility & Branding

You want to make it as easy as possible for potential business to find you. Don’t make them work for it! In most cases they will end up finding someone else. By utilizing proper search engine optimization you’re putting in place a foundation that will ensure your website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what your business offers.


This is an important area that should not be overlooked. You want happy website visitors and you can do so by offering the fastest and friendliest experience possible. Not only that, but  happy visitors usually turn into returning visitors.

Beat the Competition

If you're not optimizing your site, in most cases, your competition could be way ahead of you. By starting as soon as possible, you can start to gain ground on those competitors. The better the web site content and SEO, the better position your site is to ranking well in the search engines. And you know what better placement in search engines means? You have a solid chance and beating out your competition!

Cost Effective Marketing

When compared to the costs of other forms of online marketing such as PPC, SEO provides fairly good return on your investment if done correctly. It's a gradual building of traffic to your website that doesn't just disappear overnight or get turned off by changing a budget.

More info: Meyer Computer's Search Engine Optimization Services

April Chang
Author: April Chang
Internet Marketing Specialist at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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Work With A Certified Google Partner To Manage Your Advertising Budget

So what's all the hubbub bub?
September 25, 2016

Agencies and marketing professionals have the unique opportunity to become certified by Google to manage AdWords advertising accounts in a program called Google Partners. It's easy, so anyone can do it, right? Not so fast, my friend...

First we'll run through the qualifications and then go over some of the benefits potential advertisers get when working with an official Google Partner.


To even be considered for Google Partner status, there are certain qualifications a marketing company must meet.

  • Spend performance requirement
  • AdWords skill and expertise
  • Continued / sustained campaign growth
  • Demonstrate best practices
  • Pass yearly certification exams

Ultimately, I believe, Google made this program to give people peace of mind. When you go with a marketing agency that has been qualified by Google, you can rest assured that you are working with someone who has product knowledge and a successful track record. Plus there is the promise of continual training to keep them in the know.

Clear Advantage

When you work with a Google Partner, you are getting a marketing company who has access to:

  • The Google Agency Team - which provides strategic support in building and optimizing campaigns, as well as direct contact with Google and their experts!
  • Events, training, industry research, and the Google Partners Community.
  • AdWords promotional offers for prospective clients.
  • Beta features that Google is developing.
  • Knowledge of product updates and changes - sometimes before they're made public.

Specialized Certification

There are also specialization certifications for the different types of advertising, whether it's PPC Search Network, CPM Display Network , Shopping or Video advertising -- so check and see what your potential Google Partner excels in to see if it fits your business goals.

Why You Should Work with a Google Partner

You'll be working with a company that has not only proven to Google their proficiency in using AdWords, but is well versed in all the features AdWords has to offer. The Partner badge is far from easy to obtain, so you can feel confident the company you’ve chosen to entrust your budget with is able to manage your ad campaigns productively.

So, perhaps the question should be - why wouldn't you choose a certified Google Partner to manage your ad campaigns?

April Chang
Author: April Chang
Internet Marketing Specialist at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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Mobile vs Desktop Optimization

Is there really any difference? You Betcha!
September 07, 2016

mobile v desktop

What is a Mobile Optimized Site?

Many of the fundamental optimization elements of mobile SEO are identical to desktop such as good rich content, natural backlinks and relevant keyword optimization. However, there are a number of techniques that are used to strengthen search signals.for mobile devices.

Some key optimization elements specific to mobile search :

  • Mobile Friendly Web Presence
  • Local SEO
  • Google and Apple iOS Maps
  • Voice Search (Siri, Cortana, Okay Google)

Mobile Friendly Web Presence

Google highly recommends a responsive design that will respond and work in all the various devices that we all use. Desktop, phone, tablet, phablet... when someone wants your services, you should be able to provide a website that caters to all.

I'm not sure how Bing and Yahoo feel, but Google feels so strongly that your website be mobile-friendly that they offer any mobile responsive design a Google Mobile Search ranking boost. They also have tons of tools and articles out there to help you reach that goal.

Local SEO

According to Google, 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines. And yes, Local Search is important for both Mobile and Desktop. However, mobile searches being of a more immediate need, such as business hours, phone number, directions to store, etc., search results are providing more local info for their users. So make sure your business is listed!

From Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo's Localworks... and so many more. There are places out there to list your business and build its presence.

A few tips : Use exact location information. Get past clients and patrons to post reviews. If they let you add photos, add 'em. Fill out all the information to its fullest!

Google & Apple Maps

Apple and Google Maps are both scored in comScore’s top 25 mobile apps in the USA. This location and directional information is often used solely on mobile devices. With so much consumer usage it is vital that this information be up-to-date and optimized. Proper local listings optimization is a starting point but specific tweaks are often required in Google Maps via Google Map Maker and Apple Maps via Apple Maps Connect.

Voice Search

Hands-free searching is utilized on mobile devices more and more often. Bing states that 25% of all their searches are voice searches. Voice Search in general has been primarily used for local search and location information, but as people get more comfortable with using it, the mobile search landscape is expanding.

Optimizing your site for voice search is very different then optimizing for traditional search queries. The text-based interface and keyword-driven algorithms of the past forced searchers to enter terse search queries that contain just the relevant keywords with all sentence structure stripped away.

Voice searches are much more conversational using natural language. So instead of searching for "Maui vacation rental" people using a Voice Search may say something like "where can I find a nice vacation rental on Maui?"

In Conclusion

Google said back in May of 2015 that "more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan." With more internet searches happening everyday on mobile devices, I have an inkling that search engines will only continue to further calibrate their mobile search algorithms and displayed results to accommodate the differences and limitations of searching on all the various devices. Who knows what's next?

April Chang
Author: April Chang
Internet Marketing Specialist at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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Meyer Computer, Inc. Presents Its Next Google Event

Join us for our next informative Google Partner Event in September!
August 30, 2016

Calling all local Maui businesses! We here at Meyer Computer, Inc. will be hosting our next Google Partner Event on Wednesday, September 28 at 11:00am in Wailuku! Together with Google, we want to help businesses in the community maximize their online marketing and advertising efforts towards positively growing their online presence.

During the first portion of the workshop, Google Speaker Tim Reis, Director of Performance Agencies, will be sharing mobile trends, research, and insights in this ever-changing, mobile-centric world.

Following this informative chat on digital marketing, we will be focusing on helping you get your local business Google Map verified. Only 37% of businesses have verified their business listings. Have you?

This section of the workshop will demonstrate how easy it is to get your business verified on Google and why it's important to do so! After the presentation, we will also be available to assist you with verifying your business. And because we're an official Google Partner, we can expedite your verification process!

If you're interested in attending, make sure to RSVP as soon as possible, as space is limited! We hope to see you there!

Author: Nikki Kurisu
Online Marketing at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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MCI Web Design Spotlight - Asdru Sierra

Asdru's site has us tapping our toe to a snazzy new beat.
August 26, 2016

We've recently had the privilege of creating a website for the musically gifted, Asdrubal "Asdru" Sierra. features a sleek and visually appealing design. // Desktop View

Easily navigate through Asdru's page as you listen to a few tracks from his various successful collaborations and learn more about his extensive (and impressive!) musical background. An accomplished and talented musician, composer, and singer/songwriter, Asdru also represents our country together with his musical group Ozomatli, as a Cultural Ambassador for the U.S. State Department. 

Left to Right: LG G5 (Mobile), Apple iPad 4 (Tablet)

If you love the look of Asdru's website as much as we do, and you're looking to set yourself up with a shiny new site, give us a call at 808.249.0970 or use our Contact Form! We'd be happy to schedule you in for a free consultation. Keep flyin'!

Author: Nikki Kurisu
Online Marketing at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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New Features for Google AdWords

Google AdWords Announces Extended Text Ads Other New Features
August 03, 2016

As of July 27th 2016, the Google AdWords Editor is offering some new and exciting features for all their advertisers worldwide. My favorite has to be ETA (expanded text ads) and mobile app engagement ads. Other features include import/export and simultaneous posting for multiple accounts, and more.

Expanded Text Ads
What's so exciting? Double headlines AND an extra long description line! That means more ad real estate to better pull in those looking for your businesses services or products.

Designed to maximize ad performance across all device types, Google's early testing showed increased click-through-rate (CTR) by at least 25%. Not only that, but during the beta trial period, they also found that (as long as you're writing engaging ad content) the incoming sessions translated into more targeted/qualified traffic -- that means a better conversion rate. Can't beat that!

Ad Specifics

  • Two 30 character headlines (compared to a single headline of 25 characters)
  • An 80 character description line (compared to the previous pair of 35 character description lines)

My suggestion?
Become an early adaptor. This change provides such great potential for your business, why wouldn't you? Plus, if you're not changing your ads over and your competition is, guess who is more likely to get the clicks?

Hot Tip
Use a call to action to set yourself apart from the competition with the second headline.

Good to Know

  • Your original text ads will continue to run by late October, but you'll lose the ability to create and edit them. All advertisers will be moved over to the new Expanded Text Ad format.
  • As of 2017, original text ad formats will be fully retired and no longer show in the search results.

Mobile Price Extensions

Available to mobile site since July 22nd, Mobile Price Extensions add more value to your search text ads by giving you a bigger showcase for your services and range of products. Price Extensions appear below your text ad on mobile giving you more space to tell people specifics about your business products and links them directly to an item that interests them on your site. Only available for mobile and tablet ads, it takes the place of Sitelinks in the Ad Extensions.

More About Price Extensions:

Individual Device Bid Adjustments
As a whole, this is not a new feature. Individual Device Bid Adjustments gives advertisers more control over device-level bidding in AdWords. Basically allowing you to show your ads more or less frequently based on device.

So what's new? With the ever growing mobile search percentage, Google AdWords is now splitting tablet out from under the mobile category as of the end of July. Now you can set bid adjustments for desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

Set bid adjustments to boost the best performing device for your business. Device bidding will apply to all campaign types, even when keyword targeting is not being used -- such as some remarketing and shopping campaigns.

More About Bid Adjustments:

April Chang
Author: April Chang
Internet Marketing Specialist at Meyer Computer, Inc.

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