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Pin this and that, and THAT!

If you haven't been bit by the pinning bug, then you my friend, are losing a lot of potential traffic.

Within a few months of creation, user engagement flourished as women flocked this by-invitation-only social platform to scour tasty recipes, design DIY accessories and even recycling old materials into new innovative ideas.


How does this benefit my business?

If you are selling a product, whether it is a home in Kaanapali; a handcrafted vase or even hot sauce- chances are your taking pictures of your product, or at least you should be. If you haven't started blogging, then now is the time. Each blog entry should include your images. These images can then be Pinned on Pinterest. The more interesting an image, the better chance it has of becoming virally shared throughout the pinning community.


Selling a home? Showcase images of the luscious landscape or ocean view.

You craft vases? Stage them in different home layouts.

Manufacturing hot sauce? Capture images of pretty dishes that pair perfectly with it!

If we've learned anything from the birth of Pinterest, it's that people absolutely LOVE sharing images that captures their interest.

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