Want to take your business promotions to the next level, but don’t know where to start? Start here:

Paid Advertising

While having a good organic growth strategy is always a top priority in marketing your business online, if you want optimal visibility of your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. having a paid advertising strategy on Social Media is essential. As it is with virtually any other type of media, if you want people to actually see your business on your chosen platforms, you will want to dedicate a budget for paid placement. This includes everything from in stream promotion of posts, creation and promotion of ad specific content, hiring of promotional talent (eg. “influencers,”) expenses related to contests/giveaways, etc. Along with increasing your businesses visibility, social media paid advertising has the additional benefit of allowing you to target specific demographics related to your products, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of prospective customers/followers who find you via these ads.

Enhanced Interactive Posts

“Picture, picture, video, words, pict… hey what’s that!?” In today’s over saturated social feeds, eliciting a “THIS is cool!” type of reaction can be a challenge for even the hippest brands. There are however a few photo options within Facebook which you could use to spruce up your followers timelines which are not seen as often by your typical everyday follower. The most popular of these options include:

  • 360 Photos
    As the name suggests, Facebook 360 Photos enables you to present your photo(s) to users as an interactive panorama that can be explored by swiping on the image or pointing your phone in different directions. While this feature has been around for some time now, it is not widely seen due to source images needing to be of extra high resolution and specific dimensions (many newer phones / camera apps have modes to take and format photos for Facebook 360 automatically,) and therefore is still an effective attention grabber when they pop up in most user’s timelines.
  • 360 Videos
    Similar to 360 Photos, but in videos. 360 Videos allows viewers to play a video while panning the camera in any direction throughout. This feature requires a more sophisticated camera setup than your average video (typically a phone with dual or quad cameras,) but when done right can be worth the extra expense.
  • 3D Photos
    One of the newer photo features available on Facebook, 3D photos may just be the most “wow” producing effect currently available on the platform. 3D photos automatically give the viewer a sense of added depth and perspective in their photos without the need for any external peripherals (i.e. no 3D glasses required!) As 3D photos display without any prompts, they have the added benefit of gaining attention in a user’s cluttered timeline by the subtle shifting movements these photos display as they appear in the feed; causing users to do a double take and stop to engage with your 3D photo. Requirements for setting up 3D photos are a newer phone with dual cameras, with recommended requirements of a subject that can be photographed with success from a few feet away, a scene containing contrasting colors and textures and, preferably, a subject which is not too shiny, reflective, or transparent. For more information on these features and their requirements, visit the Facebook 360 official page.

Livestream Videos

Have an event coming up which you think your current and prospective customers would enjoy seeing, right now? Get them engaged by starting a livestream. All the major social media channels have some type of feature that allows you to livestream video to your followers, often times with the added benefit of additional (and free!) prompting of your followers to watch your livestream, through automated direct notifications, possible priority placement in feeds, etc. Regardless of the industry you are in, there is something of interest to your audience which you could stream to them live to increase engagement: Think ocean sunsets for those in the beachfront vacation rental industry, “how it’s made” livestreams from inside the facility that makes your physical product(s,) live “how to” demonstrations of beauty products, a live backstage stream from your client’s concert, etc. Best of all, even if you only have an older or mid-tier phone available, as long as it takes decent quality video (which covers most phones released in the last few years) you will be able to film a successful livestream.

Start improving your businesses’s social presence today by apply these tips to your own social channels. And if it all gets to be a bit much for you to maintain as your business grows, contact the online marketing experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. to discuss how we can help you enhance audience growth for your business.

I’d like to start off by acknowledging that managing and maintaining a Facebook business page properly can take a significant amount of time as well as requiring a good grasp of current marketing and customer service principles, particularly as they pertain to the online world. It’s not easy by any means, so I hope these tips to successfully manage and maintain your page will help guide you in the right direction. I’ve broken things down in, what I hope to be, an easy and consumable way. Let’s get started!

Manage & Maintain Facebook Business Page for Success

Answer Potential Clients ASAP!

Reply to people asking questions in a timely manner. The sooner the better! If someone takes the time to leave a question on your Facebook business page, don’t make them wait long for an answer.

Think about it, if someone calls your company, you answer the phone and you answer their questions immediately. The same should happen with email or a form submission from your website. All social media communication like Facebook should be treated the same.

Many consumers actually prefer to contact companies via social media and messaging rather than going through phone, email or a traditional contact form. And why not? It’s quick and easy!

Not only is social networking becoming a highly adopted method of communication, but those who use this medium are expecting a swift response. Facebook has even rolled out a “Very Responsive to Messages” badge that shows when business pages respond within 15 minutes and have at least a 90% response rate.

Note: There are ways to set it up so you receive notifications each time there is page activity and they also offer a Pages Manager app that can help you maintain and manage your page.

As well as providing excellent customer service to the person who originally asked the question on your Facebook Business Page, there are additional reasons you will want to answer them fully and in a timely manner:

  • Showcase your professional demeanor. Interaction with visitors on your page is displayed in public view for all to see. A lack of prompt, professional attention reflects badly on your company and its customer service (or lack thereof).
  • Unanswered questions not only look bad, but they are easy targets for competitors to come in and offer their services to the person asking the question, or anyone else on your page who sees the conversation.

Post Regularly

Don’t let your business page followers forget about you! You can safely post multiple times a day (depending on the post) and be sure to keep the subjects fresh and interesting. The bare-minimum weekly posts recommended is at least 3 times. Keep your brand out there and fresh in their minds.

Mingle With Fans

They took the time to comment, so why can’t you take a moment to interact with them? If it is a basic statement, a simple “like” of the comment will do. If it is an interesting, engaging or amusing comment, take a little more time to reach out and connect. It shows them, and everyone that sees it, that you’re interested in what they have to say!

Look out for Spam

It’s not only annoying to you, but to the people who are following you. If they see a bunch of spam posted on your page or in comments of your posts, many will leave and not return. Spam can be out right blatant, or more sneaky like these travel companies making nonsensical comments on another travel related pages posts.

Adore what? Amazing comment? Please! Stop trying to get your travel page noticed on my travel page!!

Think About Facebook Ads

Especially if you are are just starting to grow your page following, Facebook Advertising can really help get you out in front of the right audience. From Facebook Page Like ads to Post Engagement ads, running a campaign can get you showing up in your target demographics FB feed. The more people that like and share your page and posts, the more reach Facebook will give you within the feed.

Keep in Mind

These tips should help your business page on Facebook grow to succeed. Stay tuned for an upcoming planned post, Anatomy of a Great Facebook Post, where you will find a number of general tips which should help to increase the effectiveness of your posts on Facebook.

As mentioned previously, effective Facebook marketing does take a fair amount of time and marketing know-how; if you find yourself running short on either we offer Facebook maintenance services in which we would assist you with posting, monitoring, and converting visitors to your Page. If you would like more information on these packages, contact us for a free consultation.

With the United States midterm elections upon us, for those running for office or involved with elected officials in some way, you may be wondering if now would be a good time to make a last ditch pitch to your constituency via Facebook (and Instagram) to help position you or your party to win the election come November. If you are already running political ads on Facebook, then yes, by all means make that final push and make it count. However, if you or your party have not yet run any political ads on the world’s biggest social network, you may be better off planning your social media strategy for the next election. Why? Read on . . .

As has been widely reported since the events of the 2016 Presidential Election, many have placed blame on various groups for unduly influencing the nation’s most recent major election, with much of this interference being placed squarely in the hands of outside groups whom, for obvious reasons, should not have been able to so easily attempt to disrupt something as important as the voting process. After much research and debate, Facebook decided to take the step of fortifying their network against future attempts to exploit and influence content related to politics and other issues of national importance via numerous network-wide measures. One such safeguard which has recently been implemented is validation of those looking to run paid advertising for political campaigns on Facebook.

While regular paid advertising for businesses on Facebook can basically be had just by giving the social network your credit card info, when looking to run ads, boost posts, or create any other type of paid advertising for a political campaign, Facebook makes you work to throw money at them through the new validation process. Take a look at what you now must do/prove to Facebook in order to let them let you pay them to show people your campaign ads:

Confirm your identity.
Facebook wants to make sure the account tasked with running ads is a real person, who resides in the U.S., and can prove it. This means you need to provide them with much of the same type of identity information you would provide a bank or mortgage company prior to applying for a loan, including:

– A copy of your driver’s license or other government issued ID, both front and back sides, clearly showing your legal name, date of birth, etc.

– The last four digits of your Social Security number.

– Your home address.

– Your phone number. Note: Facebook runs a check to make sure that the phone number you provide is yours, and is registered in your name. If it finds that it is not in your name (which can happen even if the number is currently yours) then you will be required to perform additional steps on your phone or computer to complete this part of the process.

Wait for a letter in the mail.
Although a digital company by nature, Facebook has decided to take the extra step of snail-mailing a letter to the home address you provide during the first identity confirmation steps. As with many retailers online, Facebook does not accept anything less than an actual residence (NO P.O. boxes!). Facebook recommends waiting a good 3-7 days for this letter to arrive; if it doesn’t show up you’ll need to request (and wait) for a new letter to be sent to you. Once received, follow the steps outlined in the letter to complete this portion of the validation.

Two Factor Authentication
If you have not already, Facebook will require you to activate two factor authentication on your account to prove once again that you are the human being authorized by Facebook to run these types of ads for your specific Facebook page.

That’s it, right?
Not quite. In some circumstances, Facebook will require that you submit additional supporting documentation for identity validation. If these documents are required, they will notify you via Facebook, and may lengthen the time it takes to process your validation request from 3-7 day to 2-4 weeks (assuming they accept all your documents at the time you submit them).

Finally, once you have jumped through these hoops and have been successfully verified, Facebook will require two additional steps to be completed before allowing you to run your ads:

1. Link your page to your validated account. This will give you permission to run political ads on your linked page.

2. Add a short disclaimer stating who is paying for the advertising, to be shown on every ad that you run. Example: “This ad paid for by the friends of Mark Zuckerberg 2020”.

Once these two steps have been completed, Facebook will once again churn through the data and, if all looks good to them, will FINALLY give you permission to run ads related to politics and/or issues of national importance.

So there you have it. If you’re lucky, you could begin this process RIGHT NOW and maybe, MAYBE, be verified just in time to run a few days worth of Facebook ads for your campaign. Or, you could keep this information in mind for your next (re)election campaign. Or, better yet, you could just remember that this verification process is not just time consuming, sometimes confusing, and occasionally frustrating (and that’s before you start the process of actually running an ad!) but also something the Social Media Marketing Experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. can help with to make the process far simpler for you! Shoot us an email, or request a free consultation, and we’ll help get you and your next campaign ready to take full advantage of Facebook’s far reaching campaign advertising platform.

Shopping for a new website, some assistance in marketing your business online, or both? While there may be numerous options to choose from, there are also a number of considerations you will want to take to ensure you and your business receive the level of quality in service that you deserve. Here are a few things to consider:

Depth of Knowledge

Does your web professional know their stuff? Like really, really know their stuff? If you’re considering contracting someone to design your website, build your database, get you millions of followers on Instagram, provide customer service via Facebook, run your digital advertising initiatives, and make your brand #1 on Google, prepare for disappointment. Simply put, an effective web presence requires an effective team of experts doing what they do best to put your business in front of the eyes and ears of those who your business values the most: new, well targeted, customers. With the online landscape being an ever changing place, not only should you have a team in place to take care of your digital assets, but you want to be sure that they are qualified to do so. To assess their qualifications: ask them a few basic questions relating to web design, search engine optimization (SEO,) social media marketing, Google advertising, etc. Even better, schedule a meeting with our experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. and ask us how we can help your business grow online!

Marketing Strategy? What’s That?

Every business has a unique set of needs when it comes to marketing themselves online. While certain methods may work for some, they may completely fail when it comes to implementing them for others. When marketing your products, offerings, or services online, your chosen agency should be willing to meet with you to discuss a strategy tailored to the specific needs and goals of you and your business. If they instead attempt to offer you a “one size fits all” type of service, it’s time to move on and find an agency who will to work with you and your needs (i.e. the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Meyer Computer, Inc.!)

Seeing the Results

Now that you have your new website up and online marketing strategy in place, it’s time to take a look at tracking your progress, in the form of online analytics and reports. For example, marketing clients of Meyer Computer, Inc. have numerous reports available to them, many updated in real time, including:

  • Traffic Stats/Analytics Report
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Success Report
  • Social Media Activity Reports
  • Facebook Advertising Report

Ready, Willing and Available

Not only should your marketing agency be able to answer your questions during your initial consultation, but they should be available to answer any questions that may arise during your business relationship. Additionally, you should be able to meet (preferably face to face) with your agency to discuss current and future strategies, additions or updates of new marketing products/channels, current campaign performance, etc. at regular intervals. As we like to remind our clients, regular communication is essential to maintaining top performing marketing campaigns; so be sure to hire an agency that is aware of this very important fact.

Benefits to Hiring an Outside Marketing Agency

Marketing your business online is a full time job. From optimizing content, running and managing ads, analyzing traffic, to setting up and maintaining your social channels on a regular basis; marketing online can easily take a team of full time professionals to do properly. We are often asked for our thoughts on whether a company should hire someone to be their in house online marketer, or if they should contract an agency such as Meyer Computer, Inc. to help their business meet its potential online. As such, we have compiled a few items to consider prior to making a decision:

In House

  • Will your budget allow for having full-time employees dedicated to Internet Marketing? Salary ranges from $55,000/yr. for a beginner to well over $90,000/yr. a year for a marketing veteran. Not to mention the taxes and other expenses that come along with having additional employees.
  • In addition to budgeting for each new employee, remember that you will need to have a separate budget for buying ads online through Google, Facebook, etc. as well.
  • As mentioned earlier; online marketing, done properly, requires a healthy amount of knowledge, skills, and time commitment, as well as constant learning and adaptation to new methods, trends, tools, etc. Do your new hires understand all that their job entails?

Contracting an Agency

  • Prior to hiring an online marketing agency, meet with them to discuss the needs and goals of your business. You want to paint as clear a picture as possible of how you want your brand represented online, and what kind of growth you would like to see prior to hiring an agency for your marketing needs.
  • Discuss with the agency how their team members will best address your needs, what strategies they suggest be employed, etc.
  • Consider contacting other clients of theirs whom may be willing to give you feedback on their services.

Following these tips will help you make the decision which is best for your business.

If, after reading all this, you have more questions or would like to discuss how Meyer Computer, Inc. can help your business grow online: contact us today!

For decades, Akina Aloha Tours school and tour bus service has served visitors and residents on the island of Maui through a wide variety of transportation services for groups big or small. In early 2018, Akina Aloha Tours took the bold step of re-branding itself to their new name: Akina Tours & Transportation. This rather major name change brought about a need to revamp Akina’s entire lineup of promotional services; including a rather substantial web presence. That’s where the website and marketing experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. stepped in to help!

As the premier web and marketing provider of Akina Aloha Tours for many years, Akina Tours & Transportation asked us to assist them in transitioning the entirety of their web presence to their new company name as well as help in promoting a host of new and improved group tour and transportation services here in Maui, Hawaii. In a bid to maximize promotional efforts, Meyer Computer, Inc. created an entirely new customer-centric website for Akina Tours & Transportation, which has just launched!

Upon first entering the all new AkinaTours.com, customers are treated to an expansive selection of views from the island of Maui; starting with a high resolution intro video featuring Akina Tours & Transportation’s newest luxury mini-coach set against a backdrop of the lush green West Maui Mountains, and continuing with a vibrant slide show of some of Maui’s most enjoyable beaches. Once you have been awed by the initial splendor of Maui, scroll down to quickly “Get a Quote!” for group tour and transportation services, view a quick introduction to the Akina Tours & Transportation company, use the 4-up on-page quick menu to instantly view transportation service options, and discover the newest tours and latest happenings with Akina Tours & Transportation and the Island of Maui.

Delve deeper into the new AkinaTours.com and you will find everything you need to learn more about Akina Tours & Transportations tour and service offerings, reserve your group transportation, and much more! Some highlights:

  • High resolution photos detailing the many transportation options available.
  • 360 degree virtual tours of select passenger coaches.
  • Quick access to learn about and book transportation services for groups, weddings, corporate get together, and more.
  • Introduction to the new range of specialized tours being offered by Akina Tours & Transportation.
  • High definition tour video integration.
  • Custom “Build Your Own” tour informational page with quick “Get a Quote” booking prompts.
  • Integrated online direct booking of specialized tour options.
  • Easy access to custom quote and information forms throughout.
  • Convenient Search option at the top of every page.
  • Fully responsive/mobile optimized design.

As a premiere client, Akina Tours & Transportation also benefits from a wide gamut of internet marketing and optimization services offered by Meyer Computer, Inc. to increase client acquisition, direct bookings, top ranking in Google and other notable search engines, brand loyalty and recognition, community growth, current and prospective client engagement, and many other notable web metrics.

At Meyer Computer, Inc. we are proud to provide the knowledgeable owners and staff at Akina Tours & Transportation with web services that enhance their client relationships while helping to take their business to new heights (or, in Akina’s case, roads!) Mahalo!

So your sleek new Hawaii business website is complete and you’re ready to grow your organic, social media, online advertising and/or local search engine presence… finding the perfect Marketing and SEO company can be tough to find. You need to find a reputable company that is easy to work with, tailors their marketing campaign to your needs and that understands your business growth goals. That can be a tall order, but far from unattainable!

So should your Hawaii business go for that big mainland company or choose local? Consider some of the following benefits of island businesses using a local Hawaii SEO and Internet marketing company (like us!).

Who Knows You Better?

Whether you are on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, The Big Island, Lanai or Molokai — Our Hawaii Internet marketing company has done a great deal of research on where to get your business found in our local target market. Are most of your customers on the mainland? No problem! From directories, local blogs, citation listings, social media and paid advertising, our company knows the ins-and-outs of getting your Hawaii website the exposure it needs.

Understanding of Hawaii

If you choose a mainland company, how are they going to give any of your content copy, ads, profile write-ups, social media posts, etc. that aloha feel? When creating content for your business, choosing another Hawaii company has its advantages. Being local means we understand the subtle nuances and specific things unique to our region.

Dealing with island SEO references to local areas and all the Hawaiian words is another reason it’s best to stick with a Hawaii company. We know how to spell the words and we know when and when not to use things like the ‘okina or kahakō. What would a mainland company do with that?

Our Hawaii SEO marketing services can help you include important regional references in your marketing strategy, giving you a local edge.

Personalized Experience

Once we’ve done the initial meeting to lay out goals and expectations, it’s easy to build a good relationship of clear communication with our Hawaii web design and marketing company. You always know who you are going to talk to. That ability to call with any concerns you have makes you less stressed and feeling free to ask even the smallest of questions. Whether by phone, email or setting up a meeting that fits your schedule, we are here for you. You can even stop by our Maui office just to say aloha!

Working with larger mainland companies, they tend to have high turnover and you can be passed around. It can be more difficult to communicate overall with the time-zone issue, which makes asking those “quick” questions harder, and you’ve lost that personal touch.

Buy Local – Buy Hawaii

Not only does working with a local company benefit you, but it also benefits the local economy. As a locally owned business, we see that first-hand. Whenever we can, we make sure our money goes right back into purchasing local products and services which continues to strengthen our community. We are invested in Hawaii’s future and are honored to give back to our community.


Working with other Hawaii businesses to build their online presence, our marketing company here on Maui takes our reputation very seriously. We know how coconut wireless works… Meyer Computer, Inc. has been going strong for over 20 years now. Over that time we have built up some wonderful island relationships and look forward to building many more.

As you may have guessed, the answer is a resounding YES!

Social media is continually on the rise and when you look at web stats, it has been taking from the search engine traffic percentage. Clearly it has become impossible to ignore the effect of social networking as part of a successful marketing campaign. It also stands to reason why even Google itself has tried to get into the social game with Google+ (albeit didn’t catch on as they had probably hoped).

Social Media Inspires Search
Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. allow people to write reviews and post comments that leads to exposure and potentially more business. Consumers are using social media networks at an increasing rate to find answers, products, and services. People are using them to research companies before doing business with them and they’re influencing the entire buying process. Wouldn’t you trust information provided by another consumer (possibly even an acquaintance) over that of a traditional advertisement?

Facebook, the Social Juggernaut
Facebook is by far the largest social network in the world, with more than 2.07 billion active users around the world, and roughly 214 million users in the United States as of January 2018. More than a portal, its value lies in its dynamic network of social connections and the massive amount of information shared by its users. Besides advertising, some companies use Facebook to offer customer support, conduct polls and launch contests. It’s a great way to engage with customers on a very personal basis!

Side note: If you are running a Facebook business page, it is vital to keep it up-to-date and stay active.

Expose Your Business
In order to get more traffic from search engines it is essential to build an active, engaged presence on social networking sites. It is also important to pay attention to overall trends and platforms in order to reach your target audience. Time is precious, use it wisely by going where your customer base is.

Be sure to use the brand name of your company in your social media postings because it makes it easier for potential clients to find you. And, don’t forget to link to your personal social media presence on your site so people can join you there!

Likes, Follows, and +1’s, Oh My!
Getting “Likes, Follows, +1’s, etc.” is important in social media. It requires some creative social media marketing tactics that engage potential customers, such as providing helpful tips, interesting information or even something that makes them smile. The more likes, shares, comments  and follows your posts have can also have an effect on search engine rankings. It’s a goal for search engines and search advertisers to make their results more useful and relevant to searchers. Think of any engagement as an endorsement or vote of confidence.

Social media offers relationship-building opportunities that are virtually limitless and, for the most part, they’re free. You just need the time, a clear direction and know-how!

Don’t have time to build exposure for your business in all the social networks? Talk to our Hawaii social media marketing specialists about our services, including setup and maintenance for Facebook, Twitter and more. Be sure to ask about our featured Share Bar! If you need help jumping in to the social media scene don’t hesitate to contact Meyer Computer, Inc. today.

AND… last but not least, you can connect with us socially by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or adding us on Google+.

As we enter our 21st year in operation as Hawaii’s premier web design, managed web hosting, and online marketing firm, we have decided to give our own web presence a bit of a makeover to commemorate this milestone. As you have undoubtedly discovered by now, MeyerComputer.com has been overhauled with a fresh, fully responsive, new look; optimized for browsing on mobile and desktop. In addition to new, upgraded visuals, our site’s user interface has been enhanced to get you to the information you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Speaking of information, our new site now features a wealth of new information and options for anyone looking to start, continue, or enhance their online marketing efforts with the help of the experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. Other new and improved features include:

Now that you’ve read about what’s new on MeyerComputer.com, start browsing and experience it for yourself!


Over the years, we’ve met with many people that understood the importance of having a diverse marketing strategy.  Yet many of them faced challenges when trying to communicate the significance of a well balanced marketing plan to their team. To speak to this, we will be continuing our series called the “Importance of….” The goal of the series is to break down the finer points of diverse marketing plans in the hopes of providing that “ah-ha moment,” allowing for a better overall understanding of the big picture of Internet marketing. Throughout our series, I’ll cover the leading basic strategies and how they could work for you. It’s important to note, as I’ve said before, not every business is the same and some strategies are not going to be the right fit for your business. If you need assistance sorting it all out, you can come in and meet with one of our experts to find out what works best for you and your business. Several of these methods work well hand-in-hand to create the well-balanced Internet marketing strategy that will get your business ahead. Remember, as tempting as it can be, never put all your eggs in one basket!  With the dynamic, changing nature of marketing on the Internet, focusing all your resources in one area can be a losing endeavor. In our February 4th blog post we tackled the first subject in our series titled The Importance of Organic Search Engine Optimization. Now we’ll move onto:

The Importance of Facebook Advertising

From Facebook page likes, post engagement, lead generation, video views, app installs, ads on Instagram, to ads that get people to your website, advertising with Facebook is a smart and effective way to go. Why you ask?

  • Organic Reach is Dead
  • Reach the Masses
  • Audience Invested Time
  • Amazing Ad Targeting
  • Visibility & Branding
  • Diversified Strategy

Facebook Organic Reach is Dead

In 2016, FB page owners saw the number of people actually seeing their posts cut by approximately 50%. We’re talking about losing half your audience! While Facebook maintains that this decline is due to feed refinement and increase in the volume of content, that amount continues to decline. While they say it is not intentional, Facebook continues to gradually strangle the organic reach of posts to essentially force companies to “pay-to-play”. So, even though someone “Liked” your page, and you created a super-duper awesome post, doesn’t mean Facebook is going to put in front of your existing audience. Running Facebook ads guarantees exposure not only to your existing audience, but to an extended audience as well.

Reach the Masses

Over 1.8 billion people log onto Facebook every month. Unequivocally the largest social media network to-date, and still growing day by day, Facebook doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. New features and acquisitions, mixed with Facebook’s unique and interesting ways to stay in touch,  keeps their audience coming back for more. Even diehard anti-Facebooker’s like my mum, have taken a second look and come to the dark side. Yes, the lure of her kids and grand-baby pics was just too much for her!

Audience Invested Time

People spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook. People are checking on friends, family and news. Some are checking before, during and after work. The average time is 20 minutes per visit, but when you are looking at several potential visits a day, that can add up! Knowing people are investing their time here makes FB advertising a necessary consideration for your business.

Amazing Ad Targeting

It’s possible to zero in on the perfect target audience, choose from over a dozen different ad objective formats, and lose yourself in hundreds of possible ad targeting parameters. Here’s an example… Imagine you are a wedding planner offering your services in Hawaii. With Life Events targeting, you can select people that have just gotten engaged. Couple that with location targeting specific to Hawaii and/or interest targeting people that like Hawaii and you have a powerful audience to market your business to.

Visibility & Branding

Facebook offers the ability to keep your business fresh in the minds of the people interested in your services now and into the future. Seize the opportunity! Our suggestions? Engage with your audience. Give good customer service. Post consistently and provide some fun now and then. Deliver content that interests your fans. Be an authoritative figure without being a know it all. Be authentic to your brand.

Diversified Strategy

Remember earlier in this post when I asked you not to put all your marketing eggs in one basket? You don’t have to stick with just one advertising strategy. As a matter of fact, we highly recommend you try out various options to find the best fit for you. For most of our clients here at Meyer Computer, Inc. we run 3 different types on average, per client. More info: Facebook Marketing