There were several exciting announcements that came out at the Google Marketing Live 2019 event mid-May and we wanted to share some of the newest ad and platform innovations they discussed.

Gallery Ads

One of the more exciting announcements, for me, would have to be the arrival of gallery ads. Theses are large ads that will show in the top spot of Google search results for mobile and incorporate a carousel of images you can swipe through. Initially designed specifically as an automotive ad vertical, Google has been testing this new search ad format in beta since February and will be rolling it out to all advertisers sometime later this year.

“By combining search intent with a more interactive visual format, gallery ads make it easier for you to communicate what your brand has to offer…” – Prabhakar Raghavan, SVP of Google Ads & Commerce

What’s so exciting? As Facebook ads have proven in the past, images drive engagement! On average, Google found that ad groups that included a gallery ad have up to 25% more interactions (paid clicks or swipes) when their ads appear at the absolute top of the mobile Search results page.

Google Gallery Ads

Google Gallery Ads

You can be sure that Google will be experimenting with showing them on desktop and in other Google products, so perhaps we’ll see them appear elsewhere in the future.

Discovery Ads

If you’ve been using Google on your mobile phone or tablet, you’ve most likely already been enticed to use the Google feed that helps you stay up-to-date on your latest interests. From the latest news and movies to my favorite sports teams and hobbies, Discover has been known to pull me away from my original reason for heading to Google Search in the first place.

With Discovery Ads, soon advertisers will be able to serve immersive ads to people at the exact time when they’re most open to finding something new. Not only will the ads have the potential to show on Discover’s over 800 million global users, the ads will be served on YouTube’s mobile home feed and in Gmail’s social and promotional tabs.

Because Discovery ads live in feeds, and not on search, these ads are perfect for creating brand awareness. And, since you won’t be bidding on search specific keywords, your ad strategy will be similar to Display Ads with in-market, interest and custom audience targeting.

Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads

Although no specific date was given as to when this ad type will roll out to all advertisers, we’d expect this shiny new ad type to be available to all by the end of the year.

Local Campaigns

With a focus on increasing store visits and in-store purchases, Local Campaigns are a great ad feature for brick-and-mortar storefronts that just added some new and exciting features. Local ads has expanded its reach to show up on Search, Maps, the Display Network and YouTube.

Moving past keyword-based intent alone, advertisers will be able to leverage machine learning and automation. Once you’ve provided your store locations, ad copy and some eye catching images, Google Ads will optimize ad delivery across its property platforms to increase foot traffic to your stores. Not only that, these ads can now show up in unique places like map search suggestions as well as pins on the map while following directions.

Impressive data point offered by Google:

Dunkin’ increased its monthly visits from Google Ads by over 400% and is planning to run Local campaigns as an always-on strategy throughout 2019.

Local Campaigns

Local Campaigns

Google plans to expand local campaigns to drive other types of local actions like calls and directions to you business in the near future.

YouTube Bumper Ads’ New Bumper Machine

Available through Google Ads on a cost per 1000 impressions basis or CPM, YouTube Bumper Ads are a 6 second non-skipable video ad format that has been available to advertisers since April 2016 and is perfect for driving brand reach and frequency. Now they’ve made it super easy to create these ads! Google’s new bumper machine will turn any video under 90 seconds into 6-second bumper ads that can be used across the YouTube video network.

The bumper machine tool uses machine learning to identify elements within the video such as brand logo, human faces, motion or contrast to automatically produce the short ads. Although bumpers ads are super short on time, Google insists they’re long on impact. Through testing of over 300 bumper campaigns, Google found that 9 out of 10 drove a significant lift in ad recall. See bumper ad examples.

Really Shop on Google Shopping

Google unveiled a totally redesigned Google Shopping experience. Shoppers have their own personalized homepage where they can not only filter based on features and brands, but they’ll be able to make purchases directly from the shopping interface. Not only that, Google is guaranteeing that all shoppers will be offered an easy return process and top-notch customer service.

Advertising vendors will have an add to cart option that will be found right where shoppers are viewing product reviews, images, price comparisons and videos. In the coming months, Google is planning to expand their showcase shopping ads to the image search results, discover search results, and YouTube. All very exciting for vendors to get their products in front of more people!

Google Marketing Live 2019 Wrap-up

Automation and machine learning are becoming the new powerhouse go-to for Google paid ad campaigns. And those ad campaigns are more seamlessly spanning more platforms such as search, video, display, news feeds, Gmail and more. Overall, an amazing amount of news and fun new features we can’t wait to play around and experiment with!

Despite the vastness of the internet to connect your business with potential customers on the other side of the world, oftentimes many of our most valuable customers are those whom live, work, and play in our very own neighborhoods. And, despite knowing this fact, over the years many of us have focused growth of our businesses on the premise of reeling in customers from far outside our local areas of operation through Google SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing targeted at an international audience.

While these services provide much value to our businesses, an intelligent growth strategy does not forget to include those who reside in or visit our communities, who may want to browse, shop, and discover our brick and mortar locations, services, and offerings in person, rather than just on-line. As a full service digital marketing provider, Meyer Computer, Inc. has decided to offer a new service that helps to bridge the gap between international and local search optimization with our new Citation and Local Search Service, in partnership with the local search gurus at Yext.

This new and exciting service connects nearby (or soon to be nearby) consumers with up to date, essential location information on your business. With customers increasingly searching for local business information on a wide variety of websites, maps, and apps, the quality of this information across services is oftentimes compromised as the multitude of listings display incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information which are posted without confirmation from the business themselves. Our Citation and Local Search Service helps avoid these issues by putting you in control of your online business info on 70+ search engine local listings, global maps, apps, voice assistants, directories, and social networks.

Key facts:

– 43% of businesses in the US have at least one incorrect or missing address across major online directories.

– Listings with rich content (photo gallery, videos, descriptions) receive 45%-61% more listing views

– 4 in 5 local mobile searches result in a purchase

– 55% of conversions occur within 1 hour of initial mobile search

As a Yext Partner, we digitize and take control of your location information. Customers always receive the correct information wherever and whenever they are searching. In addition, we help to enhance your listing with photos and video and keep it fresh; making sure your listings are always correct, up to date and rich with information! Regardless of what service consumers utilize to find and engage with your business, with our service, they will discover accurate, complete, and compelling information at every turn. Drive foot traffic, boost brand awareness and increase your sales!

If you are interested in learning more about our Citation and Local Search Service, or any of our other great internet marketing, online advertising, or web design services, schedule a free consultation today and let Meyer Computer help you bring massive growth to your business!

We could tell you all about what you should expect from a professional web development and internet marketing agency including the depth of knowledge and experience that comes with being a top Maui seo company, but we know that you are more than likely to click on reviews before finding out firsthand. Whether you had an incredible experience that you just have to gush about or maybe you just want to lend some insight to help others decide if the product or service is a good fit for them, testimonials can be incredibly impactful in purchasing decisions. And as a consumer, it is almost as important to write those reviews as well as just reading them.

Contributing as social proof through a testimonial is a quick and thoughtful way to make a positive impact online but did you know that a poorly written testimonial can actually do more harm than good? Building trust is key as a business, which is why we encourage all our Maui SEO marketing and Hawaii web design clients to collect as much feedback as possible. On the flipside, in order to make your review actually beneficial to what a customer might be looking for (instead of just simply scrolling past) you need to establish that you have a trustworthy opinion to your fellow consumers.

So how do you write a great testimonial? Here are some of the top components that make up a helpful review:

Summarize the Benefits (or Lack Thereof) of the Product/Service
One of the biggest things that a potential customer is looking for is the answer to “How will buying or paying for this benefit me?”, so a great testimonial should provide that information. Whether your experience exceeded or fell short of your expectations, this is one of the things that you should be sharing each time you write a review.

Include a Professional(ish) Picture
While you don’t have to hire a photographer for your commenter profile, having a picture helps establish that you are a reliable source of information for this product or service. It shows the face behind the words and reminds the reader that an actual person wrote this review, not a bot. First impressions are everything, especially in the digital world so it is better to save those pau hana snaps for your personal social media.

Using Your Credentials to Establish Trust
If you are taking the time to leave a testimonial and you aren’t a famous celebrity or CEO of a famous company, don’t worry! The vast majority of us aren’t and that shouldn’t stop you from sharing your personal experience. If you want to build an incredible review, sharing a little bit about your background could go a long way. This is particularly helpful for those shopping business to business (B2B). Depending on the product or service, it could be beneficial to the consumer to know that you are established in the industry.

Showing Off the Service or Product in Action
A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you received a physical product or have any kind of visual documentation this could be the most helpful for readers. This shows the consumer what they can expect in terms of quality and value from the business as well as back up the words of your testimonial.

Ready to give it a try? Leave a comment below of how helpful this article was for you! Or maybe even leave a review for your favorite Maui SEO company?

A new season is upon us and what better way to kick it off than with a little spring cleaning! Whether it emptying out and organizing your closets or sweeping out all the ineffective business ideas, this is a good opportunity to start fresh and take advantage of the rest of the year.

If you have been wondering, “Why is my website not showing in search results for XYZ?”, we suggest integrating search engine optimization (SEO) into your reorganized marketing strategy. A large majority of digital advertisers are using SEO as part of their current marketing strategy and while there are a number of 2019 marketing trends to keep an eye on, one that is growing in importance is SEO.

So what is SEO?

Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is essentially optimizing your website with as much information to help search engines know what your website is offering. The use of user-friendly page content paired with header tags, meta description, and title tags, typically leads to improved website visibility and search engine rankings!

What is the importance of organic search engine optimization?

As markets across all industries become more competitive, SEO marketing is growing in importance and should be the emphasis of your campaign strategy before anything else. While social media is a great way to develop brand loyalty, and online advertising is known to drive more traffic to your website in a shorter amount of time, it is important to build upon the solid foundation of trust as well as credibility that SEO lays down.

There are a few key components that go into creating a quality SEO campaign and as you are restructuring your marketing strategy for the rest of 2019, we suggest these in addition to the 2019 SEO trends be the factors your business focuses on.

  • Link Building and Creating Quality Backlinks
  • Optimized page content and elements that also includes a better user experience.
  • Local search is utilizing optimization to focus as well as drive traffic based on their location.

After all this, you might be wondering if you should seek out professional help. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and are not quite sure where to start, let’s chat! There is a lot to expect from a professional web development and internet marketing agency here on Maui and we are well equipped with the knowledge as well as the skills to help your build a solid SEO foundation for your website.

Are you, like many business owners, off to a busy start of 2019? The beginning of the new year brings new goals, new challenges, and, ideally, a new website for your business. With so much going on throughout the course of a year, many will think about, and maybe even start to plan on upgrading their business’ old website, only to let their plans get back burner-ed when other issues with their business pop up. If this sound like you and your business, it’s time to make a change and make 2019 the year you finally get that new website up and running! To get you moving in the right direction, here are some of the many reasons why you need to get your new website launched in 2019:


  • Your website is STILL not mobile ready / responsive
    This. This is one of, if not the biggest, reasons you need to update your website in 2019: If your website is still stuck in the stone age of desktop browsers, and does not automatically reconfigure it’s layout based on the device it is being viewed on, then you really need to upgrade your website NOW. According to recent studies, people visiting a website from a mobile browser now account for more than 50% of overall visits. Obviously, that equals quite a few potential customers you would be turning away if they are unable to visit your website easily because it’s still stuck in the 1990’s!


  • Speaking of the 1990’s . . .
    Did you hire someone to design your website so long ago that you don’t recall how long ago that may have been? That’s a sure sign that your website should be updated. Website design trends are very much like fashion; while you may not need to keep up with the latest look to hit the market, you do want to at least put your best foot forward and keep the look of your website classy and modern. This means freshening up your website with a new look, new design, and new features (see above about Responsive / mobile optimized designs) every so often.


  • Slow load times and missed opportunities
    Remember the days when you would have to wait, and wait, and wait, for a webpage to display in your browser, particularly if you were on a page with lots of images? Thanks to a wide proliferation of high speed internet access throughout the world, this problem has largely been eradicated for many of our daily browsing activities. However, to search engines like Google, an extra bit of loading time could be construed as “slow” to their algorithms – netting your website a penalty signal when it comes to ranking and displaying your site in their search engine. Too many “bad” signals and you could find it difficult to draw an audience to your business site. To fix this, there are a variety of speed optimizations which can be applied to a new website throughout the build process that you will want to take advantage of.


  • Easy to update, easy to use
    Are there times you would like to add a video, a photo, or maybe some new text for your website, but are unable to because it was built at a time when all updates had to be performed in code? That’s another sign it’s time to upgrade. For the average business, user updatable content via an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) is a standard feature among modern websites; oftentimes via the ubiquitous WordPress Content Management System. Even if your website has an old CMS of it’s own, newer advances and upgrades to the core WordPress experience (along with secure, managed WordPress hosting from Meyer Computer, Inc.) make it worth the time and minor expense to update your website.


  • SSL? HTTPS? What’s that?
    You may have noticed for some time now, a small lock icon at the top of your browser when you go to many websites. That’s a sign that the website you’re visiting has a valid SSL certificate which, in layman’s terms, means your session with the website in question is validated to be secure and trustworthy. This is especially important in parts of the website that need that extra layer of security (and the peace of mind it brings) where a user might submit their personal, banking, credit card, contact, etc. information through your website. An additional bonus: This need for security when browsing is yet another important signal that Google looks for when determining how and where to rank your website in their search engine. No SSL is a no go with Google.


  • Making it marketable
    Does your website still have old, depreciated meta tags, text content that doesn’t reflect your current business as best it could, or maybe numerous pages with small amounts of ignorable text thrown on there as an afterthought? As the saying goes, “Content is King” and a website without content simply will not measure up to the expectations of your visitors or your best friend, Google. When you’re redesigning your website, keep the importance of content in mind, and make sure to work with your webmaster on an online marketing and search engine optimization plan that will get potential customers to your site and keep them coming back for more!


Ready to get your new website rolling for 2019 and beyond? Contact your local web design and online marketing experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. today!

Many long time readers will no doubt recall as a premier source of information for those looking to buy, sell, and/or invest in the exciting real estate market on Maui. Over the years, the Maui Real Estate Directory mission has been to provide valuable information and insight on all aspects of the real estate market on the island of Maui in a consumer friendly, easily accessible format. For 2018 the Directory has received a number of upgrades in an effort to provide this information to a wider audience. Here is a look at some of the new and improved features of this valuable Hawaii real estate resource:

  • Mobile Friendly / Optimized Design
    The new has been re-built from the ground up with a modern user interface optimized for viewing on virtually any device. Try it on your phone, tablet, computer, or other device to see the difference at
  • Secure Connection (SSL/HTTPS)
    To help keep their users safe while complying with Google’s latest best practices, the Maui Real Estate Directory website is fully secure, as evidenced by the ever more common “Connection is Secure” icon in the address bar.
  • Enhanced Featured Maui Real Estate Agents and Maui Real Estate Brokers Pages
    Looking for a first home, second condo, or investment property on Maui but don’t know where to start? Visit the Featured Maui Real Estate Agents and Featured Maui Real Estate Brokers pages to discover the best real estate agents and agencies on the island. Compare information, visit their website(s), or contact them to discuss all your Maui real estate needs.
  • Maui Real Estate Resources
    Want a top architectural firm to design your new home? A construction firm to build it? Or maybe you want to finance a new home, or have one of your current properties appraised prior to putting it on the market? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you should visit the Maui Real Estate Directory Resources section for an always expanding list of top firms and specialists on the island, ready to help you achieve your Maui real estate goals.
  • Market Trends
    One of the most popular sections on, Market Trends gives you the latest information on the state of real estate on Maui in a colorful, easy to read format. Published monthly by the Realtors Association of Maui, these real estate market reports are a great resource for consumers as well as for those in the industry.
  • Spotlight Blogs
    Saving the best for last: If you want up to the minute information on Maui’s real estate market and more, then take a long look at the Spotlight Blogs section. Featuring blogs from top Maui Realtors and brokerages, you will find a wealth of information ranging from current featured listings to upcoming events and items of interest in these articles. Come back to this section often as new blogs are added on a regular basis.

Want to find out more? Pop on over to and enjoy!

With the United States midterm elections upon us, for those running for office or involved with elected officials in some way, you may be wondering if now would be a good time to make a last ditch pitch to your constituency via Facebook (and Instagram) to help position you or your party to win the election come November. If you are already running political ads on Facebook, then yes, by all means make that final push and make it count. However, if you or your party have not yet run any political ads on the world’s biggest social network, you may be better off planning your social media strategy for the next election. Why? Read on . . .

As has been widely reported since the events of the 2016 Presidential Election, many have placed blame on various groups for unduly influencing the nation’s most recent major election, with much of this interference being placed squarely in the hands of outside groups whom, for obvious reasons, should not have been able to so easily attempt to disrupt something as important as the voting process. After much research and debate, Facebook decided to take the step of fortifying their network against future attempts to exploit and influence content related to politics and other issues of national importance via numerous network-wide measures. One such safeguard which has recently been implemented is validation of those looking to run paid advertising for political campaigns on Facebook.

While regular paid advertising for businesses on Facebook can basically be had just by giving the social network your credit card info, when looking to run ads, boost posts, or create any other type of paid advertising for a political campaign, Facebook makes you work to throw money at them through the new validation process. Take a look at what you now must do/prove to Facebook in order to let them let you pay them to show people your campaign ads:

Confirm your identity.
Facebook wants to make sure the account tasked with running ads is a real person, who resides in the U.S., and can prove it. This means you need to provide them with much of the same type of identity information you would provide a bank or mortgage company prior to applying for a loan, including:

– A copy of your driver’s license or other government issued ID, both front and back sides, clearly showing your legal name, date of birth, etc.

– The last four digits of your Social Security number.

– Your home address.

– Your phone number. Note: Facebook runs a check to make sure that the phone number you provide is yours, and is registered in your name. If it finds that it is not in your name (which can happen even if the number is currently yours) then you will be required to perform additional steps on your phone or computer to complete this part of the process.

Wait for a letter in the mail.
Although a digital company by nature, Facebook has decided to take the extra step of snail-mailing a letter to the home address you provide during the first identity confirmation steps. As with many retailers online, Facebook does not accept anything less than an actual residence (NO P.O. boxes!). Facebook recommends waiting a good 3-7 days for this letter to arrive; if it doesn’t show up you’ll need to request (and wait) for a new letter to be sent to you. Once received, follow the steps outlined in the letter to complete this portion of the validation.

Two Factor Authentication
If you have not already, Facebook will require you to activate two factor authentication on your account to prove once again that you are the human being authorized by Facebook to run these types of ads for your specific Facebook page.

That’s it, right?
Not quite. In some circumstances, Facebook will require that you submit additional supporting documentation for identity validation. If these documents are required, they will notify you via Facebook, and may lengthen the time it takes to process your validation request from 3-7 day to 2-4 weeks (assuming they accept all your documents at the time you submit them).

Finally, once you have jumped through these hoops and have been successfully verified, Facebook will require two additional steps to be completed before allowing you to run your ads:

1. Link your page to your validated account. This will give you permission to run political ads on your linked page.

2. Add a short disclaimer stating who is paying for the advertising, to be shown on every ad that you run. Example: “This ad paid for by the friends of Mark Zuckerberg 2020”.

Once these two steps have been completed, Facebook will once again churn through the data and, if all looks good to them, will FINALLY give you permission to run ads related to politics and/or issues of national importance.

So there you have it. If you’re lucky, you could begin this process RIGHT NOW and maybe, MAYBE, be verified just in time to run a few days worth of Facebook ads for your campaign. Or, you could keep this information in mind for your next (re)election campaign. Or, better yet, you could just remember that this verification process is not just time consuming, sometimes confusing, and occasionally frustrating (and that’s before you start the process of actually running an ad!) but also something the Social Media Marketing Experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. can help with to make the process far simpler for you! Shoot us an email, or request a free consultation, and we’ll help get you and your next campaign ready to take full advantage of Facebook’s far reaching campaign advertising platform.

Do you want to make sure your business is represented with all the correct information on both Google Search and Google Maps? Then you are going to want to add or claim your company or service on Google My Business (GMB).

How to Claim or Add Your Business in Google My Business

  1. Go to Google My Business and if you are not already logged into the Google account you want to manage it with, do so by clicking on “Sign In”. If you don’t have a Google account, which is hard to imagine, you will need to create one.
  2. Select “Manage Now” in the upper right-hand corner, or there is also another manage now button lower down in the body of the page.

    GMB Manage Now to Add Your Listing

    GMB Manage Now to Add Your Listing

  3. GMB will walk you through the process of either claiming an existing business listing or adding a new one by asking you a few questions. While you are putting in your business name and address, Google will be checking against existing business listings that may match some of the info you are inputting and will pop up suggestions. If you see your business listing, you can start the process of claiming it. If not, just keep inputting the information for your listing.
  4. While filling out your listing address, you’ll see a box for “I deliver goods and services to my customers.” Only select that if you do NOT have an office or storefront where people can come to you BUT you go to your customers location to deliver your goods or services personally. If you go to them, there is a way to hide your address so it is not show in Maps or Search and you will be able to specify your delivery area.

    Find a business near me

    Do You Have a Storefront or Office Location? Or Do You Deliver your Goods & Services?

  5. Quick Marketing Tip: While adding name, address and phone number (NAP), be sure to list it exactly as it appears on your website. Have all your citation listings be consistent. If you spell out Street instead of St. on your website, be sure to do the same for all business citation listings. Take my word for it, it’s an important Local SEO ranking factor.
  6. Business Category. Try different variations of the services or products you offer. Sometimes people only find one, and sometimes several. It all depends so do a little hunting around. Use different keywords people would use to find your services. Some categories will open up or close off certain features of Google My Business. For instance, if you are a Hotel or Resort, the posts feature will be turned off, but you will be able to add all the amenities of the property (plus it opens the possibility for Hotel Ads – but that’s for another time).
  7. Input your phone number and website address (if you have one). You will then be prompted to finish.


Success! Your listing has been created… but wait, there is one last thing that Google My Business is going to want – Verification. Google wants to make sure your business information is accurate and that only the legitimate business owner or an authorized employee has access to it.

Ways to Verify your Google My Business Listing

Most common is by mail. A postcard is sent to the business address with a verification code you can input once you receive it, which can take up to 14 days. Select businesses will have the option of email or business phone verification.

Once you are verified, there are a lot of things you’ll want to know about how to get the most out of your local business citation listing, so be sure to check out our previous blog on “What is Google My Business” where we break down all the great features you can utilize to get the most out of your business listing on Google Maps and Local Search.

Aloha! Welcome to part 1 in a 2 part series about Google My Business (GMB) where we delve into the who, what, where and how do I of this great product put out by the search giant.


What is Google My Business?

This free service, which launched back in June of 2014, has changed a lot over the years from a basic business information listing to a robust interface that makes it easier for businesses and brands to be found in both Google Maps and Search. It offers a slew of tools that are great for both you and the people trying to find your products or services.

The only requirement? You must have some face-to-face interaction with your customers whether it’s and office, storefront or you deliver goods and services directly to your customers in person. To be specific, you can’t operate 100% online.

Having a local GMB listing outputs what has been termed the “knowledge panel”. When someone searches for your type of business or service, a card may appear to the right of search results, in the local section in the search results (image above), or to the left on Maps; with all the pertinent details of your company or brand as seen in the image below. It helps customers discover, contact and interact with you in several different ways.


GMB Knowledge Panel

  GMB Knowledge Panel

Business Listing Features

  • Business Info – List out everything from category, address, business hours, phone number, website, services, and a description for your company. All which helps your customers find and connect with you… but that’s not all!
  • Posts – Posting through GMB allows you to publish products, specials, services, events and more directly to Search and Maps. The post can include text, a link and photo or video. These posts last up to a week and you can have multiple posts at a time. To the right you can see our post on “How to Design”.
  • Reviews – Clients can publicly post a review in Google about their experience with your services or products which is integrated into your listing on Search and Maps.
  • Messaging – For mobile only, this gives people another way to communicate with you through SMS text messaging.
  • Photos & Video – Show images that best represent the business. As stated by Google, businesses that have photos see 35% more clicks to their website and 42% more requests for driving directions in Google Maps. Give your listing some eye-candy or further entice people with a great video!
  • Google My Business Website – Don’t have the money to invest in your own website? Build a free and simple single page about your business in under 10 minutes. The basic site is auto generated with info from your GMB listing. If you need more than a single page of basic contact info, consider our Hawaii Web Design services (we do free consultations)!
  • Questions & Answers – The Q&A section of your listing is a place where people can, you got it, ask questions. Not directly found in the GMB management console, this one is a little harder to manage. Where before you had to check the section on your Knowledge Panel, more recently, we’ve been receiving an email when someone asks a question.
  • Either way, it is well worth checking on now and then. Your customers are prompted to respond to questions people ask about your business, and the prompts go to everyone (even those who didn’t have a great experience). So be sure they hear from you as well — plus it just looks more professional.
Knowledge Panel Q & A

Knowledge Panel Q & A

Once you have your Google My Business listing up and running, it will also provide you Insights which are basic statistics on how customers are interacting with your business: from how many calls were made and the number of people asking directions, to where they found you (Maps or Search) and even some of the queries they used to find your business.

Now you know why it is so important to get listing in GMB to have better visibility in Google Maps and Google local business listings for Search. Next week, we will be covering How to Add Your Business To Google Maps & Local Search where we give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your business listed so you can start taking advantage of these free features.

Shopping for a new website, some assistance in marketing your business online, or both? While there may be numerous options to choose from, there are also a number of considerations you will want to take to ensure you and your business receive the level of quality in service that you deserve. Here are a few things to consider:

Depth of Knowledge

Does your web professional know their stuff? Like really, really know their stuff? If you’re considering contracting someone to design your website, build your database, get you millions of followers on Instagram, provide customer service via Facebook, run your digital advertising initiatives, and make your brand #1 on Google, prepare for disappointment. Simply put, an effective web presence requires an effective team of experts doing what they do best to put your business in front of the eyes and ears of those who your business values the most: new, well targeted, customers. With the online landscape being an ever changing place, not only should you have a team in place to take care of your digital assets, but you want to be sure that they are qualified to do so. To assess their qualifications: ask them a few basic questions relating to web design, search engine optimization (SEO,) social media marketing, Google advertising, etc. Even better, schedule a meeting with our experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. and ask us how we can help your business grow online!

Marketing Strategy? What’s That?

Every business has a unique set of needs when it comes to marketing themselves online. While certain methods may work for some, they may completely fail when it comes to implementing them for others. When marketing your products, offerings, or services online, your chosen agency should be willing to meet with you to discuss a strategy tailored to the specific needs and goals of you and your business. If they instead attempt to offer you a “one size fits all” type of service, it’s time to move on and find an agency who will to work with you and your needs (i.e. the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Meyer Computer, Inc.!)

Seeing the Results

Now that you have your new website up and online marketing strategy in place, it’s time to take a look at tracking your progress, in the form of online analytics and reports. For example, marketing clients of Meyer Computer, Inc. have numerous reports available to them, many updated in real time, including:

  • Traffic Stats/Analytics Report
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Success Report
  • Social Media Activity Reports
  • Facebook Advertising Report

Ready, Willing and Available

Not only should your marketing agency be able to answer your questions during your initial consultation, but they should be available to answer any questions that may arise during your business relationship. Additionally, you should be able to meet (preferably face to face) with your agency to discuss current and future strategies, additions or updates of new marketing products/channels, current campaign performance, etc. at regular intervals. As we like to remind our clients, regular communication is essential to maintaining top performing marketing campaigns; so be sure to hire an agency that is aware of this very important fact.

Benefits to Hiring an Outside Marketing Agency

Marketing your business online is a full time job. From optimizing content, running and managing ads, analyzing traffic, to setting up and maintaining your social channels on a regular basis; marketing online can easily take a team of full time professionals to do properly. We are often asked for our thoughts on whether a company should hire someone to be their in house online marketer, or if they should contract an agency such as Meyer Computer, Inc. to help their business meet its potential online. As such, we have compiled a few items to consider prior to making a decision:

In House

  • Will your budget allow for having full-time employees dedicated to Internet Marketing? Salary ranges from $55,000/yr. for a beginner to well over $90,000/yr. a year for a marketing veteran. Not to mention the taxes and other expenses that come along with having additional employees.
  • In addition to budgeting for each new employee, remember that you will need to have a separate budget for buying ads online through Google, Facebook, etc. as well.
  • As mentioned earlier; online marketing, done properly, requires a healthy amount of knowledge, skills, and time commitment, as well as constant learning and adaptation to new methods, trends, tools, etc. Do your new hires understand all that their job entails?

Contracting an Agency

  • Prior to hiring an online marketing agency, meet with them to discuss the needs and goals of your business. You want to paint as clear a picture as possible of how you want your brand represented online, and what kind of growth you would like to see prior to hiring an agency for your marketing needs.
  • Discuss with the agency how their team members will best address your needs, what strategies they suggest be employed, etc.
  • Consider contacting other clients of theirs whom may be willing to give you feedback on their services.

Following these tips will help you make the decision which is best for your business.

If, after reading all this, you have more questions or would like to discuss how Meyer Computer, Inc. can help your business grow online: contact us today!