Shopping for a new website, some assistance in marketing your business online, or both? While there may be numerous options to choose from, there are also a number of considerations you will want to take to ensure you and your business receive the level of quality in service that you deserve. Here are a few things to consider:

Depth of Knowledge

Does your web professional know their stuff? Like really, really know their stuff? If you’re considering contracting someone to design your website, build your database, get you millions of followers on Instagram, provide customer service via Facebook, run your digital advertising initiatives, and make your brand #1 on Google, prepare for disappointment. Simply put, an effective web presence requires an effective team of experts doing what they do best to put your business in front of the eyes and ears of those who your business values the most: new, well targeted, customers. With the online landscape being an ever changing place, not only should you have a team in place to take care of your digital assets, but you want to be sure that they are qualified to do so. To assess their qualifications: ask them a few basic questions relating to web design, search engine optimization (SEO,) social media marketing, Google advertising, etc. Even better, schedule a meeting with our experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. and ask us how we can help your business grow online!

Marketing Strategy? What’s That?

Every business has a unique set of needs when it comes to marketing themselves online. While certain methods may work for some, they may completely fail when it comes to implementing them for others. When marketing your products, offerings, or services online, your chosen agency should be willing to meet with you to discuss a strategy tailored to the specific needs and goals of you and your business. If they instead attempt to offer you a “one size fits all” type of service, it’s time to move on and find an agency who will to work with you and your needs (i.e. the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Meyer Computer, Inc.!)

Seeing the Results

Now that you have your new website up and online marketing strategy in place, it’s time to take a look at tracking your progress, in the form of online analytics and reports. For example, marketing clients of Meyer Computer, Inc. have numerous reports available to them, many updated in real time, including:

  • Traffic Stats/Analytics Report
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Success Report
  • Social Media Activity Reports
  • Facebook Advertising Report

Ready, Willing and Available

Not only should your marketing agency be able to answer your questions during your initial consultation, but they should be available to answer any questions that may arise during your business relationship. Additionally, you should be able to meet (preferably face to face) with your agency to discuss current and future strategies, additions or updates of new marketing products/channels, current campaign performance, etc. at regular intervals. As we like to remind our clients, regular communication is essential to maintaining top performing marketing campaigns; so be sure to hire an agency that is aware of this very important fact.

Benefits to Hiring an Outside Marketing Agency

Marketing your business online is a full time job. From optimizing content, running and managing ads, analyzing traffic, to setting up and maintaining your social channels on a regular basis; marketing online can easily take a team of full time professionals to do properly. We are often asked for our thoughts on whether a company should hire someone to be their in house online marketer, or if they should contract an agency such as Meyer Computer, Inc. to help their business meet its potential online. As such, we have compiled a few items to consider prior to making a decision:

In House

  • Will your budget allow for having full-time employees dedicated to Internet Marketing? Salary ranges from $55,000/yr. for a beginner to well over $90,000/yr. a year for a marketing veteran. Not to mention the taxes and other expenses that come along with having additional employees.
  • In addition to budgeting for each new employee, remember that you will need to have a separate budget for buying ads online through Google, Facebook, etc. as well.
  • As mentioned earlier; online marketing, done properly, requires a healthy amount of knowledge, skills, and time commitment, as well as constant learning and adaptation to new methods, trends, tools, etc. Do your new hires understand all that their job entails?

Contracting an Agency

  • Prior to hiring an online marketing agency, meet with them to discuss the needs and goals of your business. You want to paint as clear a picture as possible of how you want your brand represented online, and what kind of growth you would like to see prior to hiring an agency for your marketing needs.
  • Discuss with the agency how their team members will best address your needs, what strategies they suggest be employed, etc.
  • Consider contacting other clients of theirs whom may be willing to give you feedback on their services.

Following these tips will help you make the decision which is best for your business.

If, after reading all this, you have more questions or would like to discuss how Meyer Computer, Inc. can help your business grow online: contact us today!

For decades, Akina Aloha Tours school and tour bus service has served visitors and residents on the island of Maui through a wide variety of transportation services for groups big or small. In early 2018, Akina Aloha Tours took the bold step of re-branding itself to their new name: Akina Tours & Transportation. This rather major name change brought about a need to revamp Akina’s entire lineup of promotional services; including a rather substantial web presence. That’s where the website and marketing experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. stepped in to help!

As the premier web and marketing provider of Akina Aloha Tours for many years, Akina Tours & Transportation asked us to assist them in transitioning the entirety of their web presence to their new company name as well as help in promoting a host of new and improved group tour and transportation services here in Maui, Hawaii. In a bid to maximize promotional efforts, Meyer Computer, Inc. created an entirely new customer-centric website for Akina Tours & Transportation, which has just launched!

Upon first entering the all new, customers are treated to an expansive selection of views from the island of Maui; starting with a high resolution intro video featuring Akina Tours & Transportation’s newest luxury mini-coach set against a backdrop of the lush green West Maui Mountains, and continuing with a vibrant slide show of some of Maui’s most enjoyable beaches. Once you have been awed by the initial splendor of Maui, scroll down to quickly “Get a Quote!” for group tour and transportation services, view a quick introduction to the Akina Tours & Transportation company, use the 4-up on-page quick menu to instantly view transportation service options, and discover the newest tours and latest happenings with Akina Tours & Transportation and the Island of Maui.

Delve deeper into the new and you will find everything you need to learn more about Akina Tours & Transportations tour and service offerings, reserve your group transportation, and much more! Some highlights:

  • High resolution photos detailing the many transportation options available.
  • 360 degree virtual tours of select passenger coaches.
  • Quick access to learn about and book transportation services for groups, weddings, corporate get together, and more.
  • Introduction to the new range of specialized tours being offered by Akina Tours & Transportation.
  • High definition tour video integration.
  • Custom “Build Your Own” tour informational page with quick “Get a Quote” booking prompts.
  • Integrated online direct booking of specialized tour options.
  • Easy access to custom quote and information forms throughout.
  • Convenient Search option at the top of every page.
  • Fully responsive/mobile optimized design.

As a premiere client, Akina Tours & Transportation also benefits from a wide gamut of internet marketing and optimization services offered by Meyer Computer, Inc. to increase client acquisition, direct bookings, top ranking in Google and other notable search engines, brand loyalty and recognition, community growth, current and prospective client engagement, and many other notable web metrics.

At Meyer Computer, Inc. we are proud to provide the knowledgeable owners and staff at Akina Tours & Transportation with web services that enhance their client relationships while helping to take their business to new heights (or, in Akina’s case, roads!) Mahalo!

So your sleek new Hawaii business website is complete and you’re ready to grow your organic, social media, online advertising and/or local search engine presence… finding the perfect Marketing and SEO company can be tough to find. You need to find a reputable company that is easy to work with, tailors their marketing campaign to your needs and that understands your business growth goals. That can be a tall order, but far from unattainable!

So should your Hawaii business go for that big mainland company or choose local? Consider some of the following benefits of island businesses using a local Hawaii SEO and Internet marketing company (like us!).

Who Knows You Better?

Whether you are on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, The Big Island, Lanai or Molokai — Our Hawaii Internet marketing company has done a great deal of research on where to get your business found in our local target market. Are most of your customers on the mainland? No problem! From directories, local blogs, citation listings, social media and paid advertising, our company knows the ins-and-outs of getting your Hawaii website the exposure it needs.

Understanding of Hawaii

If you choose a mainland company, how are they going to give any of your content copy, ads, profile write-ups, social media posts, etc. that aloha feel? When creating content for your business, choosing another Hawaii company has its advantages. Being local means we understand the subtle nuances and specific things unique to our region.

Dealing with island SEO references to local areas and all the Hawaiian words is another reason it’s best to stick with a Hawaii company. We know how to spell the words and we know when and when not to use things like the ‘okina or kahakō. What would a mainland company do with that?

Our Hawaii SEO marketing services can help you include important regional references in your marketing strategy, giving you a local edge.

Personalized Experience

Once we’ve done the initial meeting to lay out goals and expectations, it’s easy to build a good relationship of clear communication with our Hawaii web design and marketing company. You always know who you are going to talk to. That ability to call with any concerns you have makes you less stressed and feeling free to ask even the smallest of questions. Whether by phone, email or setting up a meeting that fits your schedule, we are here for you. You can even stop by our Maui office just to say aloha!

Working with larger mainland companies, they tend to have high turnover and you can be passed around. It can be more difficult to communicate overall with the time-zone issue, which makes asking those “quick” questions harder, and you’ve lost that personal touch.

Buy Local – Buy Hawaii

Not only does working with a local company benefit you, but it also benefits the local economy. As a locally owned business, we see that first-hand. Whenever we can, we make sure our money goes right back into purchasing local products and services which continues to strengthen our community. We are invested in Hawaii’s future and are honored to give back to our community.


Working with other Hawaii businesses to build their online presence, our marketing company here on Maui takes our reputation very seriously. We know how coconut wireless works… Meyer Computer, Inc. has been going strong for over 20 years now. Over that time we have built up some wonderful island relationships and look forward to building many more.

Ever wonder how to get your visitors back after they’ve left your website, app or video? You know they were interested in your product or service, or they wouldn’t have been there in the first place…

Right when a potential customer leaves your website is the most crucial time. They may be off searching through the competition or related information, which is exactly when you want to remind them why they should pick your services. Or, perhaps, they just were not quite ready to make that purchase or contact – also another critical time to gently remind them that your brand is ready, willing and able to help when they feel the time is right.

Well, why not try your hand at remarketing? It’s a great way to get targeted ads in front of those past visitors as they browse around the internet. Also known as retargeting, remarketing is generally either a cookie ID based technology that anonymously follows your potential customer all over the web or an audience data driven list you create. Your past visitors could be checking their email, visiting their favorite social network, reading the news, browsing their favorite travel site, watching a YouTube video and then ta-da, there’s your business ad enticing them to come back for another look at your product or service.

A Few Different Ways to Remarket Your Business

Google AdWords Remarketing

  • Google Remarketing for Search Ads: show ads to past visitors as they do further searches for what they need after leaving your website.
  • Customer List: upload your own customer contact information list and show your customers ads across different Google products when they are signed in.
  • Standard Remarketing: general ads shown on Google’s Display Network partner websites and apps.
  • Dynamic Ads: showing dynamically generated ads that relate to services or products the visitor showed an interest in while visiting your site (generally for large scale businesses).
  • Video Remarketing: show ads to people that have viewed and interacted with your videos or YouTube channel.

Facebook & Instagram Remarketing Ads

  • Contact Lists: connect with your customers or clients on Facebook or Instagram with data from your contact lists (phone/email addresses).
  • Website Visitors: adding a snippet of code to your website allows you to create a custom audience of previous visitors of your website.
  • App Users: install a bit of code to your app and you can entice them to return for more game play or view an item they may want to purchase.

Remarketing is a type of paid advertising that is known to offer quality conversions! Since these visitors were already in the market for the services or product you offer, they are more like to reach out and make that purchase. Not only that, but creating remarketing lists brings in the whole new possibility of marketing to a similar audience. But that is a blog for another day…

Re-marketing is your chance to keep your brand in front of traffic that has bounced away and hopefully convert them into a sale or client! Want to know more about setting up retargeted ads or need help find the best Google paid ads and/or Facebook paid ads to fit your business model? Contact us today for a free consult.


As we enter our 21st year in operation as Hawaii’s premier web design, managed web hosting, and online marketing firm, we have decided to give our own web presence a bit of a makeover to commemorate this milestone. As you have undoubtedly discovered by now, has been overhauled with a fresh, fully responsive, new look; optimized for browsing on mobile and desktop. In addition to new, upgraded visuals, our site’s user interface has been enhanced to get you to the information you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Speaking of information, our new site now features a wealth of new information and options for anyone looking to start, continue, or enhance their online marketing efforts with the help of the experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. Other new and improved features include:

Now that you’ve read about what’s new on, start browsing and experience it for yourself!

Agencies and marketing professionals have the unique opportunity to become certified by Google to manage AdWords advertising accounts in a program called Google Partners. It’s easy, so anyone can do it, right? Not so fast, my friend…

First we’ll run through the qualifications and then go over some of the benefits potential advertisers get when working with an official Google Partner.


To even be considered for Google Partner status, there are certain qualifications a marketing company must meet.

  • Spend performance requirement
  • AdWords skill and expertise
  • Continued / sustained campaign growth
  • Demonstrate best practices
  • Pass yearly certification exams

Ultimately, I believe, Google made this program to give people peace of mind. When you go with a marketing agency that has been qualified by Google, you can rest assured that you are working with someone who has product knowledge and a successful track record. Plus there is the promise of continual training to keep them in the know.

Clear Advantage

When you work with a Google Partner, you are getting a marketing company who has access to:

  • The Google Agency Team – which provides strategic support in building and optimizing campaigns, as well as direct contact with Google and their experts!
  • Events, training, industry research, and the Google Partners Community.
  • AdWords promotional offers for prospective clients.
  • Beta features that Google is developing.
  • Knowledge of product updates and changes – sometimes before they’re made public.

Specialized Certification

There are also specialization certifications for the different types of advertising, whether it’s PPC Search Network, CPM Display Network , Shopping or Video advertising — so check and see what your potential Google Partner excels in to see if it fits your business goals.

Why You Should Work with a Google Partner

You’ll be working with a company that has not only proven to Google their proficiency in using AdWords, but is well versed in all the features AdWords has to offer. The Partner badge is far from easy to obtain, so you can feel confident the company you’ve chosen to entrust your budget with is able to manage your ad campaigns productively.

So, perhaps the question should be – why wouldn’t you choose a certified Google Partner to manage your ad campaigns?

As of July 27th 2016, the Google AdWords Editor is offering some new and exciting features for all their advertisers worldwide. My favorite has to be ETA (expanded text ads) and mobile app engagement ads. Other features include import/export and simultaneous posting for multiple accounts, and more.

Expanded Text Ads
What’s so exciting? Double headlines AND an extra long description line! That means more ad real estate to better pull in those looking for your businesses services or products.

Designed to maximize ad performance across all device types, Google’s early testing showed increased click-through-rate (CTR) by at least 25%. Not only that, but during the beta trial period, they also found that (as long as you’re writing engaging ad content) the incoming sessions translated into more targeted/qualified traffic — that means a better conversion rate. Can’t beat that!

Ad Specifics

  • Two 30 character headlines (compared to a single headline of 25 characters)
  • An 80 character description line (compared to the previous pair of 35 character description lines)

My suggestion?
Become an early adopter. This change provides such great potential for your business, why wouldn’t you? Plus, if you’re not changing your ads over and your competition is, guess who is more likely to get the clicks?

Hot Tip
Use a call to action to set yourself apart from the competition with the second headline.

Good to Know

  • Your original text ads will continue to run by late October, but you’ll lose the ability to create and edit them. All advertisers will be moved over to the new Expanded Text Ad format.
  • As of 2017, original text ad formats will be fully retired and no longer show in the search results.

Mobile Price Extensions

Available to mobile site since July 22nd, Mobile Price Extensions add more value to your search text ads by giving you a bigger showcase for your services and range of products. Price Extensions appear below your text ad on mobile giving you more space to tell people specifics about your business products and links them directly to an item that interests them on your site. Only available for mobile and tablet ads, it takes the place of Sitelinks in the Ad Extensions.

More About Price Extensions:

Individual Device Bid Adjustments
As a whole, this is not a new feature. Individual Device Bid Adjustments gives advertisers more control over device-level bidding in AdWords. Basically allowing you to show your ads more or less frequently based on device.

So what’s new? With the ever growing mobile search percentage, Google AdWords is now splitting tablet out from under the mobile category as of the end of July. Now you can set bid adjustments for desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

Set bid adjustments to boost the best performing device for your business. Device bidding will apply to all campaign types, even when keyword targeting is not being used — such as some remarketing and shopping campaigns.

More About Bid Adjustments: