In this day and age, it should come to almost no surprise that marketing is constantly evolving and largely due to the advancement of tech. Because of this, it is crucial for brands to be aware that while reaching out to consumers is getting easier with the developing technology, it is ultimately becoming overwhelming for consumers. Information overload is a real thing and most people are getting tired of the remarketing and social media advertisements bombarding their news feeds daily.

So does that mean that we should stop using these marketing strategies all together? The short answer is no and here is why.

There is an art to digital marketing and promoting the same products or services to all consumers means you are ultimately wasting resources while getting less of a return. Technology has made it incredibly easy for companies to gain helpful information about their target market such as personal preferences, how to reach their customers and even when to reach them. And while all this information is beneficial to the company marketing themselves, this has become frustrating consumers resulting in them opting out of all promotional messages. But rather than eliminating this information and the tactics that use them, you should simply adjust your marketing strategy. Listening to how consumers prefer brand communication is key to this.

Adweek put together a marketing research report that details that consumers want companies to reach out to them without annoying them with either too much information or invading their privacy.  The majority of consumers feel comfortable sharing with brands their email address (64% of participants), age (63% of participants), and name (61% of participants). While information like employment status, phone number, home address, and social media handles are among personal info that customers prefer to remain private. The large consensus of the report was that most consumers, about 70% of participants to be more specific, prefer communication via email and 58% of participants agreeing that the best way a brand can win them over is by having excellent products or services along with sharing meaningful content.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? There is a lot that goes into successfully building brand loyalty, especially when most markets are saturated with competition.  Schedule a free consultation today and let’s sit down to talk about some creative solutions to your internet marketing strategy that gets your business out there while still being mindful of the communication preferences of your target market.

Want to take your business promotions to the next level, but don’t know where to start? Start here:

Paid Advertising

While having a good organic growth strategy is always a top priority in marketing your business online, if you want optimal visibility of your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. having a paid advertising strategy on Social Media is essential. As it is with virtually any other type of media, if you want people to actually see your business on your chosen platforms, you will want to dedicate a budget for paid placement. This includes everything from in stream promotion of posts, creation and promotion of ad specific content, hiring of promotional talent (eg. “influencers,”) expenses related to contests/giveaways, etc. Along with increasing your businesses visibility, social media paid advertising has the additional benefit of allowing you to target specific demographics related to your products, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of prospective customers/followers who find you via these ads.

Enhanced Interactive Posts

“Picture, picture, video, words, pict… hey what’s that!?” In today’s over saturated social feeds, eliciting a “THIS is cool!” type of reaction can be a challenge for even the hippest brands. There are however a few photo options within Facebook which you could use to spruce up your followers timelines which are not seen as often by your typical everyday follower. The most popular of these options include:

  • 360 Photos
    As the name suggests, Facebook 360 Photos enables you to present your photo(s) to users as an interactive panorama that can be explored by swiping on the image or pointing your phone in different directions. While this feature has been around for some time now, it is not widely seen due to source images needing to be of extra high resolution and specific dimensions (many newer phones / camera apps have modes to take and format photos for Facebook 360 automatically,) and therefore is still an effective attention grabber when they pop up in most user’s timelines.
  • 360 Videos
    Similar to 360 Photos, but in videos. 360 Videos allows viewers to play a video while panning the camera in any direction throughout. This feature requires a more sophisticated camera setup than your average video (typically a phone with dual or quad cameras,) but when done right can be worth the extra expense.
  • 3D Photos
    One of the newer photo features available on Facebook, 3D photos may just be the most “wow” producing effect currently available on the platform. 3D photos automatically give the viewer a sense of added depth and perspective in their photos without the need for any external peripherals (i.e. no 3D glasses required!) As 3D photos display without any prompts, they have the added benefit of gaining attention in a user’s cluttered timeline by the subtle shifting movements these photos display as they appear in the feed; causing users to do a double take and stop to engage with your 3D photo. Requirements for setting up 3D photos are a newer phone with dual cameras, with recommended requirements of a subject that can be photographed with success from a few feet away, a scene containing contrasting colors and textures and, preferably, a subject which is not too shiny, reflective, or transparent. For more information on these features and their requirements, visit the Facebook 360 official page.

Livestream Videos

Have an event coming up which you think your current and prospective customers would enjoy seeing, right now? Get them engaged by starting a livestream. All the major social media channels have some type of feature that allows you to livestream video to your followers, often times with the added benefit of additional (and free!) prompting of your followers to watch your livestream, through automated direct notifications, possible priority placement in feeds, etc. Regardless of the industry you are in, there is something of interest to your audience which you could stream to them live to increase engagement: Think ocean sunsets for those in the beachfront vacation rental industry, “how it’s made” livestreams from inside the facility that makes your physical product(s,) live “how to” demonstrations of beauty products, a live backstage stream from your client’s concert, etc. Best of all, even if you only have an older or mid-tier phone available, as long as it takes decent quality video (which covers most phones released in the last few years) you will be able to film a successful livestream.

Start improving your businesses’s social presence today by apply these tips to your own social channels. And if it all gets to be a bit much for you to maintain as your business grows, contact the online marketing experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. to discuss how we can help you enhance audience growth for your business.

As the second month of the New Year is beginning to draw to a close, we felt like this was a good time to hit refresh and get a head start on your spring cleaning. With the advancements in technology and social platforms, it should really come to no surprise that there have been some new (and old) digital marketing trends that we suggest keeping an eye on as 2019 progresses.

Data is entering privacy mode.

From better products for consumers to better returns for businesses, both marketers and consumers agree that tailored content leads to a win-win for all parties. Analytics has been an integral part of providing that tradeoff but with the spring of 2018’s Facebook privacy debacle, consumers are demanding more ethical as well as transparent ethical data use.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean chucking audience insights out the window, it will be important moving forward to focus on keeping your customers in the loop and making information more readily available. Consumers are currently apprehensive, so taking the extra step to be open about where their information is being sourced and how exactly you are planning on using it (read: giving them better, more beneficial products) will give you a better competitive edge in the long run.

Integrate AI technology

From chatbots to voice-recognition systems, artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing well beyond the features that we have seen in the last year. And while we always recommend maintaining a balance between automation and personal touches, why not leave some of the grunt work to the technical capabilities of an AI? As a business trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends, the use of AI in a marketing campaign can lead to higher productivity and the opportunity to test out new strategies that could potentially maximize current efforts.

Tell your story

Automation is helping businesses work smart, not harder but you should actively try to build personality as a business and create a connection with your consumers. The easiest way to do so is to share the business’s story via social media. Across all platforms, social media marketing is largely taking advantage of “stories” where users can post content without the pressure of crafting a picture-perfect campaign. With options for audiences to swipe for more info, show behind the scenes, announce company news, and so much more…the possibilities are endless! And since posts only stay live for 24 hours, it makes a lot easier to gauge what your consumers engage with and quickly adjust your strategy.

If you are hoping to create a more compassionate marketing campaign this year, telling your story is one of the easiest ways to do so!

And do it live.

If a picture is worth a thousand words and video is worth millions then imagine what going live is worth! Live video broadcasts have become the norm on social networks during 2018 and are projected to only grow in popularity as we continue into this year. It is a great way to show behind the scene looks at the business’s day to day and offers a great opportunity to connect with consumers through live conversations. From Q&A interviews to webinars and product demonstrations, there is so much opportunity to share intimate moments and experiences with a mass audience.

We are only two months in and these are just a few of the top marketing trends to keep an eye on. Not sure how to take this information and translate it into a better campaign strategy? Schedule a free consultation and sit down with our digital marketing professionals to map it all out!

Are you, like many business owners, off to a busy start of 2019? The beginning of the new year brings new goals, new challenges, and, ideally, a new website for your business. With so much going on throughout the course of a year, many will think about, and maybe even start to plan on upgrading their business’ old website, only to let their plans get back burner-ed when other issues with their business pop up. If this sound like you and your business, it’s time to make a change and make 2019 the year you finally get that new website up and running! To get you moving in the right direction, here are some of the many reasons why you need to get your new website launched in 2019:


  • Your website is STILL not mobile ready / responsive
    This. This is one of, if not the biggest, reasons you need to update your website in 2019: If your website is still stuck in the stone age of desktop browsers, and does not automatically reconfigure it’s layout based on the device it is being viewed on, then you really need to upgrade your website NOW. According to recent studies, people visiting a website from a mobile browser now account for more than 50% of overall visits. Obviously, that equals quite a few potential customers you would be turning away if they are unable to visit your website easily because it’s still stuck in the 1990’s!


  • Speaking of the 1990’s . . .
    Did you hire someone to design your website so long ago that you don’t recall how long ago that may have been? That’s a sure sign that your website should be updated. Website design trends are very much like fashion; while you may not need to keep up with the latest look to hit the market, you do want to at least put your best foot forward and keep the look of your website classy and modern. This means freshening up your website with a new look, new design, and new features (see above about Responsive / mobile optimized designs) every so often.


  • Slow load times and missed opportunities
    Remember the days when you would have to wait, and wait, and wait, for a webpage to display in your browser, particularly if you were on a page with lots of images? Thanks to a wide proliferation of high speed internet access throughout the world, this problem has largely been eradicated for many of our daily browsing activities. However, to search engines like Google, an extra bit of loading time could be construed as “slow” to their algorithms – netting your website a penalty signal when it comes to ranking and displaying your site in their search engine. Too many “bad” signals and you could find it difficult to draw an audience to your business site. To fix this, there are a variety of speed optimizations which can be applied to a new website throughout the build process that you will want to take advantage of.


  • Easy to update, easy to use
    Are there times you would like to add a video, a photo, or maybe some new text for your website, but are unable to because it was built at a time when all updates had to be performed in code? That’s another sign it’s time to upgrade. For the average business, user updatable content via an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) is a standard feature among modern websites; oftentimes via the ubiquitous WordPress Content Management System. Even if your website has an old CMS of it’s own, newer advances and upgrades to the core WordPress experience (along with secure, managed WordPress hosting from Meyer Computer, Inc.) make it worth the time and minor expense to update your website.


  • SSL? HTTPS? What’s that?
    You may have noticed for some time now, a small lock icon at the top of your browser when you go to many websites. That’s a sign that the website you’re visiting has a valid SSL certificate which, in layman’s terms, means your session with the website in question is validated to be secure and trustworthy. This is especially important in parts of the website that need that extra layer of security (and the peace of mind it brings) where a user might submit their personal, banking, credit card, contact, etc. information through your website. An additional bonus: This need for security when browsing is yet another important signal that Google looks for when determining how and where to rank your website in their search engine. No SSL is a no go with Google.


  • Making it marketable
    Does your website still have old, depreciated meta tags, text content that doesn’t reflect your current business as best it could, or maybe numerous pages with small amounts of ignorable text thrown on there as an afterthought? As the saying goes, “Content is King” and a website without content simply will not measure up to the expectations of your visitors or your best friend, Google. When you’re redesigning your website, keep the importance of content in mind, and make sure to work with your webmaster on an online marketing and search engine optimization plan that will get potential customers to your site and keep them coming back for more!


Ready to get your new website rolling for 2019 and beyond? Contact your local web design and online marketing experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. today!

A new year obviously means out with the old and in with the new, right? If you have been thinking about getting a head start on spring cleaning your website and marketing strategies, we suggest you take a quick moment before you start chucking popular business concepts into the past.

With an overwhelming amount of options available, it should come to no surprise that building trust is important across all industries. Brand loyalty is defined as the positive feelings towards a business that leads to repeat purchases of the same brand and is not the new kid on the block when it comes to key marketing strategies, although it is often overlooked when creating a campaign. So how can you work on integrating a brand loyal focus into your 2019 marketing strategy?

Customers are looking for community, so cultivate it.

As it turns out, customer engagement ranks actually higher than customer service in terms of what a consumer wants out of a business. Between fast responses to feedback to a platform where customers can exchange stories, engaging with your client base takes time and they appreciate it. Whether it is a hashtag community on social media or an online forum on your website, kick off 2019 by creating a place where your consumers can not only have conversations with you as a business but also with other like-minded individuals.

Everyone loves perks, make loyalty rewarding.

Loyalty programs are hardly news but before you grab the broom to sweep this one under the rug, there really is a reason that they are still a popular tactic. Yes, even in 2019! The ability to redeem extra discounts and exclusive access to products is hard for consumers to pass up. In fact, it is even expected for brands to have a reward system in some shape or form. Whether you are offering free or discounted items, you are more likely to retain your biggest fans and attract other customers to your business.

Personalize Your Communication

We talked about being personable and why you should make it a habit before but personalization is so important, we felt it bears repeating. When you stop treating your customers like strangers, you are likely to see better sales results. Whether it is learning how your customer base is communicating and catering to that or simply reaching out on life events like birthdays, making your clients feel special is a key component of brand loyalty.

The best part? All these tips are simple to carry out and can work together to create a more compassionate marketing campaign. And if you are not really sure where to start, sit down with us and our professional marketing team can help you get started with a free consultation!

‘Tis the busiest season of the year and between the remaining holiday promotions, we wanted to remind you why building trust is important for any brand. We have talked about selling versus telling your story on social media and how it can help maintain brand loyalty amongst consumers. Among the endless emails filled with flashy sales and the overwhelming amount of sponsored social ads, there is the growing feeling of being sold to. Having a more compassionate marketing campaign can help the conversation surrounding your business change from being centered on hitting sales goals to genuinely serving the customer’s needs.

So how can you leave a lasting and remarkable impression on your consumers?

Identify What Drives You

Understanding what matters most to you as a person can help clarify what you want to bring to the table as a business. Pinpointing what you want to bring to your own personal life, along with the environment and community that you are surrounded by, can paint a clear picture on how your brand can support, as well as make a difference to your target market.

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Show Compassion

Sometimes the best marketing campaign is the one that listens. From scrolling through the comments on various social media channels to more personal interactions, there are sure to be opportunities that can use a more compassionate touch. A kind comment towards a customer might seem like a simple gesture but it can affect the receiving end in ways that you might not realize.

And compassion even extends to employees! Lending a listening ear to a colleague who isn’t having a stellar day can help keep work moral up and maintain a positive brand image. Taking the time to show empathy can actually build more powerful relationships than old-school methods of professionalism.

Support Customers Beyond the Transaction

Sales are important, there is no arguing that. But aligning your resources to support efforts that your consumers hold dear can be worthwhile in the long run. A social media search can easily identify what matters to your customers and what you can do in furthering a conversation or cause.

It is important to note that support does not need to be monetary; it could simply include using your social platforms and voice to share your thoughts about issues that are valued by customers.

When you as a company take the time to show care to the customer, it tells them that they are more than just a dollar sign. These days more than ever, people are listening to their family and friends versus advertisements. Becoming a better company with a compassionate marketing campaign can position your business well in an oversaturated marketplace.

Not sure where to start? Sit down with us in a free consultation and our Maui marketing team can help get you started!

Twinkling lights lining neighborhood porches, the smell of Douglas Fir pines, and those holiday sales on top of sales – yup, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With the biggest shopping days of the entire year lining up, the holiday season is an important time for small businesses. And while you have your list and we are sure you are checking it twice, there are a few things to keep on your radar as the year draws to a close.

Improving Digital Experience
Creating mobile responsive web designs is old news, however, continuing to improve upon the digital experience is going to continue to be of importance. The dominant use of smartphones and other mobile devices have made things like download speed and website security more of a necessity. Technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will continue to make this area a hot trending topic.

People are Putting More Trust in People (and Brands) That They Know
With the consistent growth of social media and the overwhelming amount of information online, customers are putting more of their trust in both the people and the brands that they are familiar with. And in the age of ad blockers, gone are the days of traditional ads reaching their target audiences.

So what can you do to stand out against your competition?

The answer really is simple, build that trust and build it through creative marketing. From small business to large corporation and the new companies popping up in between, the secret ingredient to creating brand loyalty lies with the understanding that building trust is important. In the upcoming year, you are likely to see a rise in content marketing, influencer marketing, and referral partnerships along with social media marketing methods that provide actual value to the end user.

Helpfulness and Authenticity Versus Technology and Automation
Time leverage is everything when running a successful business, so it comes to no surprise that marketing automation and technology is going to advance to help us work smarter. And while we are all looking for ways to operate more efficiently, our consumer markets are looking for that personal touch. Finding that balance is going to be key to leveling your business above the competition in 2019!

As 2018 starts to wind down and you start prepping your marketing strategy for the new year, we suggest keeping these top trends in mind. Certain things might not be the best fit for your business but preparing for these up and coming marketing concepts could set you up for a great kick off heading into 2019! And if you are feeling overwhelmed with all these holiday to-dos or you are just not sure where to start, our Maui marketing team are here to help. Schedule a free consultation today and our experts can help map it all out!

After a slow battle with the internet, Google Plus passed on October 8th, 2018 at the age of 7.

Google + was born on 28th June 2011 in Mountain View, California to search engine giant, Google LLC. With the vision of a connected world neatly organized into circles of friends, Google + set out to compete against the social media network Facebook. After racking up apparently 90 million users, the “virtual ghost town” was seeing a dramatic lack of engagement and made a series of appointments to pinpoint a diagnosis. In 2015, Google Plus went through treatment to eliminate the requirement to use a plus account when signing on to other Google services such as YouTube in hopes of increasing engagement.

A close review of all Google + APIs back in March 2018 uncovered a bug in the Google Plus People APIs that potentially affected 500,000 accounts on the platform. While it has been since patched, the breach has revealed significant challenges in creating as well as maintaining a successful media platform that meets user expectations. These challenges and low usage has ultimately led to the sun setting on this branch of the Google family tree.

A 10-month wind-down has been arranged for those more active users to migrate their data and the funeral service will be held privately amongst a small circle of family and friends in California.

I’d like to start off by acknowledging that managing and maintaining a Facebook business page properly can take a significant amount of time as well as requiring a good grasp of current marketing and customer service principles, particularly as they pertain to the online world. It’s not easy by any means, so I hope these tips to successfully manage and maintain your page will help guide you in the right direction. I’ve broken things down in, what I hope to be, an easy and consumable way. Let’s get started!

Manage & Maintain Facebook Business Page for Success

Answer Potential Clients ASAP!

Reply to people asking questions in a timely manner. The sooner the better! If someone takes the time to leave a question on your Facebook business page, don’t make them wait long for an answer.

Think about it, if someone calls your company, you answer the phone and you answer their questions immediately. The same should happen with email or a form submission from your website. All social media communication like Facebook should be treated the same.

Many consumers actually prefer to contact companies via social media and messaging rather than going through phone, email or a traditional contact form. And why not? It’s quick and easy!

Not only is social networking becoming a highly adopted method of communication, but those who use this medium are expecting a swift response. Facebook has even rolled out a “Very Responsive to Messages” badge that shows when business pages respond within 15 minutes and have at least a 90% response rate.

Note: There are ways to set it up so you receive notifications each time there is page activity and they also offer a Pages Manager app that can help you maintain and manage your page.

As well as providing excellent customer service to the person who originally asked the question on your Facebook Business Page, there are additional reasons you will want to answer them fully and in a timely manner:

  • Showcase your professional demeanor. Interaction with visitors on your page is displayed in public view for all to see. A lack of prompt, professional attention reflects badly on your company and its customer service (or lack thereof).
  • Unanswered questions not only look bad, but they are easy targets for competitors to come in and offer their services to the person asking the question, or anyone else on your page who sees the conversation.

Post Regularly

Don’t let your business page followers forget about you! You can safely post multiple times a day (depending on the post) and be sure to keep the subjects fresh and interesting. The bare-minimum weekly posts recommended is at least 3 times. Keep your brand out there and fresh in their minds.

Mingle With Fans

They took the time to comment, so why can’t you take a moment to interact with them? If it is a basic statement, a simple “like” of the comment will do. If it is an interesting, engaging or amusing comment, take a little more time to reach out and connect. It shows them, and everyone that sees it, that you’re interested in what they have to say!

Look out for Spam

It’s not only annoying to you, but to the people who are following you. If they see a bunch of spam posted on your page or in comments of your posts, many will leave and not return. Spam can be out right blatant, or more sneaky like these travel companies making nonsensical comments on another travel related pages posts.

Adore what? Amazing comment? Please! Stop trying to get your travel page noticed on my travel page!!

Think About Facebook Ads

Especially if you are are just starting to grow your page following, Facebook Advertising can really help get you out in front of the right audience. From Facebook Page Like ads to Post Engagement ads, running a campaign can get you showing up in your target demographics FB feed. The more people that like and share your page and posts, the more reach Facebook will give you within the feed.

Keep in Mind

These tips should help your business page on Facebook grow to succeed. Stay tuned for an upcoming planned post, Anatomy of a Great Facebook Post, where you will find a number of general tips which should help to increase the effectiveness of your posts on Facebook.

As mentioned previously, effective Facebook marketing does take a fair amount of time and marketing know-how; if you find yourself running short on either we offer Facebook maintenance services in which we would assist you with posting, monitoring, and converting visitors to your Page. If you would like more information on these packages, contact us for a free consultation.

With the United States midterm elections upon us, for those running for office or involved with elected officials in some way, you may be wondering if now would be a good time to make a last ditch pitch to your constituency via Facebook (and Instagram) to help position you or your party to win the election come November. If you are already running political ads on Facebook, then yes, by all means make that final push and make it count. However, if you or your party have not yet run any political ads on the world’s biggest social network, you may be better off planning your social media strategy for the next election. Why? Read on . . .

As has been widely reported since the events of the 2016 Presidential Election, many have placed blame on various groups for unduly influencing the nation’s most recent major election, with much of this interference being placed squarely in the hands of outside groups whom, for obvious reasons, should not have been able to so easily attempt to disrupt something as important as the voting process. After much research and debate, Facebook decided to take the step of fortifying their network against future attempts to exploit and influence content related to politics and other issues of national importance via numerous network-wide measures. One such safeguard which has recently been implemented is validation of those looking to run paid advertising for political campaigns on Facebook.

While regular paid advertising for businesses on Facebook can basically be had just by giving the social network your credit card info, when looking to run ads, boost posts, or create any other type of paid advertising for a political campaign, Facebook makes you work to throw money at them through the new validation process. Take a look at what you now must do/prove to Facebook in order to let them let you pay them to show people your campaign ads:

Confirm your identity.
Facebook wants to make sure the account tasked with running ads is a real person, who resides in the U.S., and can prove it. This means you need to provide them with much of the same type of identity information you would provide a bank or mortgage company prior to applying for a loan, including:

– A copy of your driver’s license or other government issued ID, both front and back sides, clearly showing your legal name, date of birth, etc.

– The last four digits of your Social Security number.

– Your home address.

– Your phone number. Note: Facebook runs a check to make sure that the phone number you provide is yours, and is registered in your name. If it finds that it is not in your name (which can happen even if the number is currently yours) then you will be required to perform additional steps on your phone or computer to complete this part of the process.

Wait for a letter in the mail.
Although a digital company by nature, Facebook has decided to take the extra step of snail-mailing a letter to the home address you provide during the first identity confirmation steps. As with many retailers online, Facebook does not accept anything less than an actual residence (NO P.O. boxes!). Facebook recommends waiting a good 3-7 days for this letter to arrive; if it doesn’t show up you’ll need to request (and wait) for a new letter to be sent to you. Once received, follow the steps outlined in the letter to complete this portion of the validation.

Two Factor Authentication
If you have not already, Facebook will require you to activate two factor authentication on your account to prove once again that you are the human being authorized by Facebook to run these types of ads for your specific Facebook page.

That’s it, right?
Not quite. In some circumstances, Facebook will require that you submit additional supporting documentation for identity validation. If these documents are required, they will notify you via Facebook, and may lengthen the time it takes to process your validation request from 3-7 day to 2-4 weeks (assuming they accept all your documents at the time you submit them).

Finally, once you have jumped through these hoops and have been successfully verified, Facebook will require two additional steps to be completed before allowing you to run your ads:

1. Link your page to your validated account. This will give you permission to run political ads on your linked page.

2. Add a short disclaimer stating who is paying for the advertising, to be shown on every ad that you run. Example: “This ad paid for by the friends of Mark Zuckerberg 2020”.

Once these two steps have been completed, Facebook will once again churn through the data and, if all looks good to them, will FINALLY give you permission to run ads related to politics and/or issues of national importance.

So there you have it. If you’re lucky, you could begin this process RIGHT NOW and maybe, MAYBE, be verified just in time to run a few days worth of Facebook ads for your campaign. Or, you could keep this information in mind for your next (re)election campaign. Or, better yet, you could just remember that this verification process is not just time consuming, sometimes confusing, and occasionally frustrating (and that’s before you start the process of actually running an ad!) but also something the Social Media Marketing Experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. can help with to make the process far simpler for you! Shoot us an email, or request a free consultation, and we’ll help get you and your next campaign ready to take full advantage of Facebook’s far reaching campaign advertising platform.