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About Meyer Computer, Inc.

Serving Maui For Over 20 Years

Based in the beautiful Aloha State of Hawaii, Meyer Computer, Inc. has been serving our clients at the forefront of Internet marketing and technology for over two decades. Founded prior to the dot-com boom of the late 1990’s, what began as a bespoke website design agency, quickly evolved into a fully fledged web services company with a worldwide customer base and an ever-expanding team of experts ready to help you grow your business online.

As technology continues to evolve, innovative ways are required more than ever to stand out in front of the competition. Changes to the way we communicate and share information mean that you will not only need quality Search Engine Optimization tactics but also a user-friendly website paired with an engaging social presence to thrive in this current market.

Here at Meyer Computer, Inc., we work to creatively strategize marketing efforts along with responsive web designs to launch our client’s success. And on top of our professional process, we also put time into nurturing our relationship with our clients to enhance the overall experience.