Google Partner


When you work with Google Partners, you get access to a team of professionals with a range of training and certifications along with educational events specific to your industry. As a Google-certified agency, Meyer Computer, Inc. is here to help businesses make the most of their online advertising.

The Partner badge is far from easy to earn and a marketing company must meet a list of qualifications:

  • Spend Performance Requirement
  • Google Ads Skill and Expertise
  • Continued/Sustained Campaign Growth
  • Demonstrate Best Practices
  • Pass Yearly Certification Exams

Google Partners need to be skilled in all the features Google Ads offers to give their clients all the advantages available. Our experts need to be adept at things such as ad extensions, phrase match keywords, ad scheduling, Geo-targeting, keyword grouping while testing several ads under each and much more.

There are some exclusive bonuses to working with a certified partner too! As a partner, we are able to offer regular free informational events with speakers from Google or other important special guests. We also have access to Google’s beta features – sometimes up to a year before the general public. Talk about getting a leg up on the competition! Last, but not least, we have a direct line to our own Google Agency Team, so if an emergency were to occur, we can address any issues right away without a long wait.

So, when teaming up with this Hawaii-based Google Ads advertising company, you can rest assured that you are working with a reputable company that is up-to-date with the latest product knowledge and has a successful track record. Want to learn more? See our blog post “Work with a Certified Google Partner to Manage Your Advertising Budget” to see how it could benefit your business.