Search Engine Optimization

Why are my competitors showing higher than me in Google?

The search engine optimization (or SEO) process works to build traffic from organic listings in the search results. Major search engines prioritize the way sites are ranked according to what they believe is most relevant to the person searching. Is your website optimized for real-word search phrases your customers are searching with? Are you looking out for the longer voice search phrases? If you have asked yourself these questions recently, let’s get in touch.

Why is SEO Important?

Where is the first place you go to online to search for a product, business or place? Chances are you “Google” it.

Ideally, you will want your business’s website to show up in search results for keywords specific to you, your industry, and the niche you specialize in. The higher ranking in these results, the more people are able to find you. The key to ranking higher is making sure your website has the right keyword-focused content and elements the search engines are looking for. That is where our SEO marketing services come in, we ensure your web pages include all the necessary components to give them the best chance to rank high in search results that will ensure targeted traffic to your website.

Building SEO takes time, skill, effort, and dedication along with updated knowledge of techniques and experience. We are continually working on building our clients digital footprint and are sure to keep abreast of the latest approaches. Always keep in mind that you are not the only individual developing website exposure, so is your competitor – making SEO an ongoing investment.

If you are not working to build traffic, you are losing it.

Monitor Online Marketing Efforts

Analyzing your marketing efforts is necessary to track how successful your brand is currently being marketed online. By monitoring your analytic data you will be able to observe which areas are successful, and also those that need improvement.

Our real-time analytics dashboard allows each of our marketing clients to access their online marketing analytics on demand with current data. Analytic reports are created and offered for Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertisement Campaigns, Website Traffic across multiple devices, and much more! Each report is paired with a convenient glossary section to help with marketing lingo and comprehensive recommendations for improvement. If you have any questions and need any portion explained – we are just a phone call or email away.