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Earlier this week, Facebook announced visual and feature changes to the layout of mobile business pages. With the redesign of mobile pages, the social media giant plans to make it easier for consumers to interact with local companies on the platform.

So just what can you, as a business, expect with these changes?

When looking for a place to shop, eat, or utilize a service, more often than not people are going to first seek recommendations from their friends and families. Facebook understands this and is now making it even easier for people to recommend your business through text, photos, and tags that show up directly on your Page. With a minimum character count and the ability to include images, customers are encouraged to post thorough referrals and feedback directly onto a business’s page.

After all, customers are really a company’s best ambassadors and this gives you the unique opportunity to connect with those who are talking as well as searching for your business to create as positive of an experience as possible.

Action Buttons
In response for the demand of more mobile-friendly websites and social media, Facebook is using newly simplified and prominently featured action buttons that enable customers to book, order, and send messages all without leaving the mobile app. As an internet marketing company, we plan to make the most of this updated page design for ourselves as well as our clients and we encourage you to do the same! Just make sure that you select the options that make the most sense for your business needs.

Whether they are planning a vacation itinerary or simply filling up a weekend, people are increasingly using Facebook Events each month to find things to do. Local businesses have been using Events for a while now to bring not only their customers together but the community as well. The latest version allows for tickets to be sold directly through Facebook with new ticketing integrations and businesses now have the option to promote their upcoming events through Event Ads.

In the effort to help more small and local businesses hire employees, the social media platform will be expanding the current job postings to all people and companies across the world over the next few months.

Small or large, these changes have been made to help you leverage social media to help better your business’s brand and gauge how you can best serve your clientele. Not sure where to start? Talk story with us and we can help you get set up!