To get right to the point, the answer is Google My Business. If I told you that you could stand out on Google with a free business profile in both search and maps, I’d bet you’d say “Sign ME Up!”.

If you want to learn more in-depth specifics and features about this free service, check out our past blog What is Google My Business?. For this post, we are going to delve right into answering a frequently asked question – How do I get my business on google maps and local search results?

  1. It’s always best to sign in to your Google Account or create one before starting.
  2. Go to business.google.com/create and type in your business name to see if the basic profile was already created.GMB Find Your Business Listing
    If you find your business listing, you should be able to request ownership.
    *Unless someone else has done so already. In that case, there are other avenues available to you from requesting ownership from the current verified owner to claiming the listing yourself if you have not heard from the owner in 7 days.
  3. Found your Business? Start the process of claiming your business. Can’t find your business, not to worry! Whether you are claiming or adding, the next step allows you to start the process of filling out your business profile.Google My Business Create
  4. Next you will be asked “Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?” If you select no, you have the option of adding service areas to your listing. If yes, it’s time to fill out your business address.
  5. Now you will be given the option of adding service areas that you may visit or deliver to along with your business location.GMB - Serve Customers Outside Location
  6. Now it’s time to choose a category that best fits your business. You’ll be able to change or add to the categories once you are done. You won’t be able to create your own category, but Google My Business has a fair selection to choose from. Here’s more from Google on choosing a business category.
  7. Fill out those contact details! This is important for helping clients or customers get in touch with you. Add your contact phone number and website URL. If you don’t have a website, I recommend utilizing the Google My Business free website option! They basically take all the business information you provide to do a single business info page which you can add to. And did I forget to mention it’s free?GMB - Verification
  8. Now all that is left is the verification process. After reviewing your information, that verification process can take place by mail, phone or email. Some companies are able to verify instantly if they have already verified the business website in Google Search Console. In most cases though, verification takes place by mail in the form of a postcard which can take 1-2 weeks.

All done! Now you have a Google My Business profile where you’ll be able to manage your listing, promote with images and posts, track business analytic insights to understand your customers and respond to reviews.

Finding this all a little too much? You can contact your favorite Hawaii web design & SEO company *wink* and we’d be happy to help!