Guest post by the talented Corinne Kanemitsu; whom successfully completed her internship at Meyer Computer, Inc.

Before I go into my experience as an intern at Meyer Computer Inc, let’s start with my back story. For my last semester of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, it was a requirement to either participate in an internship or write a paper. Because I wanted more of a hands-on experience in an actual work environment, I had no hesitation choosing an internship. The tricky part to all of this however was, I was a distance learning student from University of Hawaii West Oahu, meaning that all my classes were online and the internships listed for me to take, were all based out of the island of Oahu. My home is on Maui and unfortunately, there was no list of internships for me to apply to.

Therefore, I began to do my own research and started reaching out to potential sites that I felt would be beneficial for me. Meyer Computer was always at the top of my list after hearing last summer about an internship they were having. I read about the company and liked how it fit what I was interested in learning about. After meeting with Jesse and Chris, I was ready to start my first day at Meyer Computer!

Before walking into Meyer Computer on my first day I must admit I was a bit nervous. It was my first time being in this type of work environment learning about web design and internet marketing. I had no experience and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. However, those fears were pushed aside as Chris, Kathy, Shelby, Jesse, Sal, and even the adorable office cat Zippy, welcomed me in with open arms and friendly smiles. Although the team and office is small, the amount of productivity that goes on definitely makes up for it.

My experience here has been rewarding, fun, and I have learned so much while being here. My tasks and responsibilities have ranged from writing published blogs for Kahana Village, creating an audit/training manual that current and future clients can use for their website, learning about search engine optimization for real estate websites, working on social media for specific clients, and last but not least participating in weekly marketing meetings where I could see in detail how much work the staff at Meyer Computer puts in to keep their clients successful in marketing and web design.

The time that I have spent here I would not have experienced if I had chosen to write a paper or something that I could have learned through my textbooks for my business courses. This was a real life hands-on experience that will only be beneficial for me as I graduate with my bachelor’s degree and establish a career in the future. Thank you so much to the Meyer Computer team for allowing me the opportunity to be here and gain knowledge, skills, and insight from them!

Corinne Kanemitsu