Planning a vacation to Maui can be complicated, even stressful, if you don’t know where to start. While there are an innumerable amount of websites and services which claim to make your planning easy, most are slow, inefficient, and offer an experience which is less than conducive to planning a dream Hawaiian vacation. Luckily for you, we have clients such as Rentals Maui Inc. who can make your search for some of best Maui vacation condo rentals and hotel resorts¬†quick, easy, and as painless as can be!

Operating on Maui for over 20 years, Rentals Maui manages hundreds of properties for rent throughout the popular tourist vacation area of South Maui; providing vacationers to our island home a wealth of options from budget-conscious to opulently luxurious. Having been a valued client of Meyer Computer, Inc. for many years, Rentals Maui sat down with our expert web design and marketing team to create a new look for their website; one which would bolster their stellar reputation with both clients and search engines alike! With these goals in mind, we set out to deliver a first-class browsing and booking experience both we and the Rentals Maui ohana could be proud of.

Here are just a few of the updates and features to be found on the newly redesigned RentalsMaui.com website:

  • Robust Vacation Rental Search
    The new Rentals Maui website features a powerful, sleek new Maui vacation rental search option that allows customers to find and book the perfect rental for their next vacation to Maui quickly with a minimal amount of clicks/taps. Customers may customize their search based on multiple options, including; the property name, number of beds / bathrooms, price range, included amenities, accommodations for a specified number of guests, and available booking dates. Additional features include the ability to display search results in a default list view, a map view showing the location of each unit/property, or a hybrid split view which displays both list and map view on the same screen.
  • Enhanced Rental Property Listing Display
    Condo listings now look better than ever, while providing you the essential information customers need to make finding their Maui vacation accommodations quick and easy. Upon choosing a listing people looking for an island getaway will immediately find a bold gallery of unit and property photos of the listing, a quick unit description, list of included amenities, reviews from formers guest, an easy to read availability calendar, and a quick rental unit booking option which stays at the very top of the screen; enabling fast online booking from anywhere on the page.
  • Save Your Favorites Rental List
    A new convenience feature added to the newly designed website; customers can now also save their favorite condo or hotel resort unit listings to a favorites list for future reference. Enabling the favorites system is extremely user-friendly; requiring only a tap/click on the favorites “heart” icon on a listing to automatically add it to the customer’s favorites list. This list can then be viewed for a period of time without the need for the customer to set up a cumbersome account or to remember a login that’s easily forgotten. This easy to use favorites system helps retain customers as it presents them with no obstacles to saving their favorite vacation rental unit; and subsequently booking it when they are ready.
  • Quick and Easy Online Booking
    Along with the robust custom South Maui condo and hotel resort search available on the main search page, prospective guests can access search results immediately upon loading RentalsMaui.com via the home page quick search feature. Simply enter the amount of guests and desired booking dates to view all available rentals which meet their criteria.
  • Escapia Integration
    Rentals Maui takes advantage of one of the most popular vacation rental property management software systems available: Escapia. Integrating a robust reservations system, owners portal, and more of the most important background features ensures property owners and guests are presented with a streamlined experience with each visit to RentalsMaui.com.
  • Lead Capture
    Along with a streamlined booking experience, the new web design includes a number of features and initiatives to attract new customers and turn them into returning guests. Such features include a new newsletter lead capture, site-wide search engine optimization, live Maui webcam integration, and numerous additional internet marketing initiatives provided by Meyer Computer, Inc.
  • Responsive Web Design
    All of these wonderful features are presented in a fully responsive web site design optimized for viewing, and booking, on mobile devices.

Find out more: check out the new and improved Rentals Maui website at the aptly named RentalsMaui.com. If you would like a new professional web design and/or marketing services for your business, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.