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Looking for a new website? You’re sure to find many, many choices out there. While you may be tempted to just sign up with one of the many gigantic faceless overseas companies that pay mega ad dollars in hopes of getting you to sign up with them for a “low, low introductory price,” take a moment to consider the benefits to building your new website with a proven, local Maui web design and marketing company:

Communication Is Key

When designing a new website for your business, having an open line of communication with your web designer is key to a quick and successful launch of your new website. When you buy a “web design package” from a company located on the mainland or outside of the United States, communicating required changes with them can be problematic. Different time zones, different cultures, support tickets that go unanswered; these and other common issues can be easily avoided when you hire a Maui based web design company, such as Meyer Computer, Inc. Want to talk to us in person? Our office in Wailuku is just a short trip away from most points on the island. Feel like calling in a request? Our phone lines are open during standard business hours, HST. Of course, if email works better for you, we have that too!

Local Based Support

Just as we mentioned earlier in regards to Maui web design; when you need support from your web host, be it to communicate simple changes to your text, or technical issues that you have questions about, etc., you want to be able to get that support as quickly and easily as possible. If an issue arises, you don’t want to call a general support line, only to be stuck on hold for hours at a time; nor do you want to submit a support ticket to a faceless system hoping to receive help in a timely fashion. Once again, this is another instance where having a local Maui web design company such as Meyer Computer, Inc. to meet your needs is highly beneficial. If you have any issues or questions with your website, you can pop on by our office in Wailuku, give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a quick call, or email us directly for support. This local support is particularly handy for those who host both their website and email with us, as we can help you set up your Meyer Computer hosted email on your phone, tablet, computer, or other device; via our quick support system or by bringing your device to our office. How many off island companies let you bring your phone to their offices to help you set up email in person?

Great Options for Businesses Big and Small

Our web design packages have been optimized to help both large and small business on Maui successfully achieve their goals online. Need a new look for your activity website that allows customers worldwide to book with you in real time? Our Business Pro Plan was made just for you! Perhaps you are a smaller startup looking to get your products online and people buying? We can tailor our standard Business web design plan to your needs. Or, maybe you are your own business and you would like to get started without a huge financial outlay. Our FREE Starter website package was made just for you! Not sure which plan is best for you? Schedule an in office meeting with us and we’ll help you find the option which fits your business best!

Ask Around!

As a local Maui web design company, maintaining great relationships with our local community has been, and continues to be, an essential reason that we have remained in business on Maui for more than two decades! But don’t just take our word for it; ask any of our fantastic clients what they think about us.

Maui Web Design and So Much More

Hiring a local Maui web design and digital marketing company such as Meyer Computer, Inc. can be advantageous to your business beyond the ease of support. How so? As experts in web development and marketing, with decades of experience on Maui, we have helped many businesses of varied types and interests expand their digital footprint throughout the years. As such, we know the local market, and are able to provide services and expert advice to better help you reach your target audience effectively. Whether you are a local business looking to sell your products or services to Maui based clientele, or your business is focused on reaching clients outside of Maui, we have solutions for you!

Ready to get started building your new web site? Schedule a free consultation with our local Maui web design experts today!