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Eye catching, easy to use, and straight forward; qualities one should always aspire to when commissioning a new website build. While this can be accomplished in multiple ways and layouts for your new website, if you are looking to create a web presence for a specific property, project, or personality, we have just the website for you!

Our customizable, responsive (mobile-friendly), single page websites are perfect for showcasing specific products or services deserving of extra special attention; from Realtor’s looking to showcase a high-end property listing, retails stores wishing to promote a new line of exclusive products, musicians promoting their current project, and everything in-between. Here are just a few ideas / example use cases for your business:


Luxury Real Estate:

Let’s say you are a Realtor who has been hired by a homeowner to sell one of their luxury properties in your area. While you could simply let your IDX feed add this new listing to your current website’s search results automatically, and do nothing else; for a multi-million dollar listing, this is simply unacceptable. Creating a standalone, single page scroll type website which highlights such exclusive listings gives you a number of benefits to help you sell the listing, including:

  • Allowing interested buyers to discover the property through high definition videos, imagery, and virtual tours in a single, simple to navigate (just scroll down!) location.
  • Give interested buyers quick access to the essential property information they need; e.g. property overview and features, nearby amenities, restaurants, places of interest, recreation, Google mapped location information, etc.
  • Quick inquiry form to give qualified buyers an easy way to inquire about a showing.
  • A professional website design with a dedicated domain name, allowing for easier referencing to the property website in your other marketing materials.
  • Bonus feature: Make the seller feel “warm and fuzzy” that their property is important enough to warrant its very own professionally designed website.



Have a hot new product line about to land on your physical and virtual shelves? Let the world know by creating a dedicated single page website showcasing this new product line. Benefits include:

  • Showcase your new product line to interested customers similar to our high end home example above: through high resolution images and videos. Embed multiple videos to showcase your new line, different styles/options and, if applicable, quick start guides on how to quickly and efficiently use these great new products.
  • Give customers detailed descriptions, usage examples, and measurement diagrams of your new product(s) so that they can get a better idea of how they will fit with similar items they have bought / will be buying from you.
  • Embed an eCommerce system (such as PayPal) directly on your product showcase site to allow instant purchases; or send them back to your main retail site to let customers shop for additional items as well.
  • If you use your website as a driver of “in real life” traffic to your physical retail location or showroom, get more customers in the door by showcasing the new product(s) as mentioned above, embed a dynamic Google map on page with directions to your store, offer special in-store discounts via an exclusive coupon found only on your new product site, and much more!


Creatives (Musicians,  Artists, etc.:)

Creatives are particularly fond of our single page websites, and for good reason. While other businesses may need a large website to showcase their ever increasing inventory, creatives typically have only a single “product” to focus on – themselves. For example, a Grammy award winning musician needs a site that focuses on their current and future projects, as well as their past award winning projects and a bit of other relevant information to give prospective clients and collaborators a quick look at their talent, personality, and promotional abilities. Additional site options/uses for creatives:

  • Built in high resolution photo galleries showcasing your work, exhibits, performances, etc.
  • Easy integration of social media streams, including live video streams from Facebook / YouTube / etc.
  • Options to embed merchandising and other eCommerce options for fans to buy prints / tickets / merchandise / etc. directly from your page.
  • Easy integration of social audio platforms for musicians (eg. Soundcloud.)


These are just a few of the many varied uses our single page websites may have for you and your business.

To learn more, have a look at: 210CrestviewKapalua.com and AsdruSierra.com and contact us today to discuss how our single page websites will be of benefit to you!