Here we are right in the middle of April, the perfect season for not only spring cleaning your website but to check to see if your current marketing tactics are effective, reflects your small business, and can reach the goals you have laid out. Keeping on the pulse of current 2018 trends, we have a few traditional and digital marketing ideas for you to consider adopting to help your business grow this coming year.

Social Media
It is important to hang out where your customers are, so if you are not already – it is time to get social. Social networking platforms are a cost-effective way to share, communicate, and learn with your target market. It is important to keep in mind that some platforms work better than others depending on the business, but it is worth putting in the time to experiment where your best audience is. Those are not leveraging you to your goals eventually should get dropped.

Sidewalk Signs
A brick and mortar looking to get creative with your marketing? If your business is located on a street that gets a lot of foot traffic, put a sign out. It not only communicates a sale or new arrivals, but it brings a sudden attention to your store and draws in curious customers.

Local Media
For those of you looking to target your local community, your local media outlets might just be the best way to reach them. Press releases and building a relationship with local reporters are a great way to utilize this resource. Purchasing an advertising spot is another way to promote what you have going on; but if you have something unique and newsworthy to your business, a mention by your local media might bring about a bit of free publicity.

Marketing to Existing customers
If this isn’t already a practice in your marketing strategy, this is one we definitely recommend you adopt. Existing customers have already looked into your business and converted, so why wouldn’t you want to keep that relationship going? Create an email list and update them with inventory updates or upcoming deals. You could even start a customer referral program where you offer incentives for customers to introduce new customers to your business.

In this day and age, if you have a business you should have a website. When a potential consumer does a web search for your business, they are more inclined to learn more about what you have to offer if they have a place to do so. There are a number of things that make a website effective; clear business information, accessible contact information, and a mobile-friendly design to name a few.

Spring is a wonderful chance to start fresh, so maybe it is time to start incorporating these ideas into your business’s marketing strategy. And if you are stuck with how to do so, our digital marketing team is equipped to make that transition simple.