Building links back to your website may be far from astrophysics, but it is time-consuming and takes knowledge of your industry. For us, one of your top Hawaii SEO companies (wink), that means research for all the different types of businesses we’ve been hired to do Internet marketing for. For an individual company that may prove a little easier, especially over time as you warm up to the process.

Be sure to read this first if you’re just starting out: What is Link Building for SEO & The Best Strategies

The Basics of How to Build Backlinks

  • From something that answers a question to top tips, create content that is worthy of being read and shared.
  • Find the websites that would find that content interesting.
  • Woo and impress those places into linking to your site!

We continued to protect the value of authoritative and relevant links as an important ranking signal for Search. (Google on link spam)

Competitive Backlink Research

If they link to your competition, they may just link to you too! However, finding that information may be easier said than done.

As a company that has been providing Hawaii SEO services for over 20 years, finding this information out has been invaluable. We utilize some of the top tools and if you intend to create backlinks for your own business, we highly recommend you get a reliable one too — which means you gotta pay for the service. Feel free to ask us for a recommendation.

If you can’t afford it, some of the link checker services out there will give you a little sampling of competitor links that you can start off with.

Reach Out to the People You Know

You’ve most likely created many good relationships while building up your business. They already love you, so why wouldn’t they link to you? From suppliers, financial advisers or even your Hawaii web design company — as long as they’re affiliated to your business in some way, that’s a good link just waiting to happen.

Look to see if they have a testimonials page where you could leave a review along with a link back to your website or perhaps they have a resource page. Do they have a blog? If you can create some useful, relevant, and related content that could include a link or two back to you, then you both get something out of it.

Guest Post Blogging

If you can write a great blog post, think about offering that rich content to another related website. Just make sure to guest post for quality sites in your niche or this could severely backfire. If you find the right place, you’ll be positioning yourself as an authority in your industry, getting direct exposure and traffic as well as backlinks. As your Hawaii SEO professional, I say win-win-win!

Broken Link Building

As you’re learning the ins and out of SEO backlinking, you’ll come across resource or recommended website pages you would love to have your business featured on. Besides just asking them outright, perhaps think about doing them a solid and clearing out any broken dead links from their list. You’ll be helping them out and it beats begging outright.

Outdated Content

Have a good write up on a subject? Perhaps a more current “Best Of” or “Top 10”? Find a similar outdated post and see who’s linking to their content. As long as your content is obviously superior, you can kindly recommend the linking website may want to reference your content instead. You’ll want to give them some good solid reasons why.

Did They Forget to Link?

Sometimes articles or blogs may mention your company, but didn’t link. Reach out to them! This may be the easiest tip of them all. They are already fans of your brand. Thank them for the mention and kindly ask if they would make the unlinked mention clickable to a pertinent page on your website.

These are some of the ways on how to get more backlinks and where you can find them. In general, building backlinks as part of your overall Hawaii SEO marketing campaign is integral, but very time-consuming. That’s why it’s imperative that you zero in on those links back to your website that mean the most. If you can achieve high quality link backs it will lower the overall quantity you have to go in search of, and it will make your link building campaign much more effective. Need some assistance? Contact us today! Our Hawaii SEO team is ready to help with all your Internet marketing and website development needs.