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Are You Effectively Building
Your Local Search Presence?

One way to build your local SEO search presence, whether it is to get your business higher in Google Maps or local search results, is to make sure your company is listed in local business directories and citation sites. As a company, we here at Meyer Computer, Inc. need to consider how we can get our business out in front of our local Hawaii clientele when they are searching for things like – “What local seo services are near me?” or “find a web design company near me“.

Citations Sites & Local Business Directories

What are they and where do you find them? In Local Search SEO lingo, this would be any mention of your business on the Internet in any regional business directory or citation site — whether it has a link back to your website or not. A citation could just be your company name and a phone number or it could be very comprehensive like a company name, phone number, address, link to website, about section and more.

Regional business profile directories and citations are a key component in the ranking algorithms of the major local search listings. The bigger search engines like Google and Bing have integrated local search listings into their main search results when it makes the most sense to their end-user. Like someone in Hawaii looking for a local company that offer Internet marketing services.


Get the jump on your competition!

For arguments sake, let’s say two companies were equal in every way except that one of them had a greater number of citations — in most cases, the company with more citations will rank higher.

Another thing to keep in mind – all business directories and citations are not created equal. Citations from well-established and well-indexed portals (like SuperPages.com for example) help increase the degree of certainty the search engines have about the clients business contact information and categorization. Basically, they’re a more trusted source.

Now that you know what local business directory and citation sites are and how important they are, it’s time to get Crackalackin’. Get out there and claim your local business citation listings!

Here are a few of the top local citation places that we help our own marketing clients get into, just to get you started :

Important Citation Tips

  • Consistency of the NAP (name, address, phone) is very important!
    Don’t do abbreviations. Do it the same exact way every time
  • Make sure the address on your website reflects the same exact contact information.
  • If there is a category for your company to be listed under, be sure to research it and make sure to choose the right one.
  • Fill out as completely as possible. Take advantage of what each listing offers.
  • Local citation listings are still worthwhile without an actual link back to your website.

Other important factors of local search engine optimization (SEO) to consider are online reviews and local structured data markup. But we’ll leave those subjects for future blogs… Aloha!