From those birthday reminders to posts about your day and all the likes in between, social media has fast become a huge part of our lives. It keeps us in touch with our friends and family as well as allows us to follow along with those influencers that inspire us. For the savvy Hawaii businesses, social media is an imperative part of any marketing campaign and it is fairly obvious why. While the immediate return of the time and money spent on social promotion is up for debate, sharing your company story adds an immeasurable value.

There is an inherent difference between telling versus selling and it is something that does not come naturally to everyone. It is a commonly made mistake to bombard consumer feeds with product features and the latest deals. While this can be seen as useful information at times, it takes away from the overall experience that a social user seeks. Storytelling enables a business to build personality and create a connection with customers that ultimately helps to stand out from the competition.

So how can you strategically share your business’s story on social media?

Create Longer and Interesting Facebook Posts
While intuition tells us that the “See More” that appears on long Facebook posts would quickly prompt a user to continue scrolling, longer posts can actually have more clicks that a link to another site. This is a great way to briefly take the attention away from pushing sales and simply connect with your social audience. The more compelling and relatable the story, the more engagement you are likely to have.

Start by asking yourself:

  • What sets me apart from the competition?
  • What impact do I want to make with my product/service?
  • How do I want my product/service to make people feel?
  • Why am I passionate about what I do?

Utilize User-Generated Content
When a customer uses your product or service and shares their experience on a platform, you can repost it with a shout out to help tell your company narrative. This is a great strategy for businesses with small content creation budgets and enables you to get back to what your company does best. And the sense of community that this also creates is an added bonus!

Develop Your Own Hashtag
To echo the tip above, spreading your own hashtag is a great way to compile stories from your consumer community. And the best part is that it doesn’t need to go viral, it just needs to be meaningful enough for your customers to understand its purpose and use your hashtag in their social posts too!

A Peek Behind the Scenes
It is rare for an audience to not be the least bit curious about how you make the magic happen, so why not give them a peek? Whether it is a snap of a business meeting or a preview of your latest project, this is a great way to remind customers that behind these products or services are real people working to better the consumer’s lives.

And if you really #cannotbebothered learning the ins and outs of social media, talk story with our Hawaii social media marketing professionals. Our expertise range from the setup to the maintenance for Facebook, Twitter, etc. so you can get back to the core of your business without having to keep up with the trends!