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I’d like to start off by acknowledging that managing and maintaining a Facebook business page properly can take a significant amount of time as well as requiring a good grasp of current marketing and customer service principles, particularly as they pertain to the online world. It’s not easy by any means, so I hope these tips to successfully manage and maintain your page will help guide you in the right direction. I’ve broken things down in, what I hope to be, an easy and consumable way. Let’s get started!

Manage & Maintain Facebook Business Page for Success

Answer Potential Clients ASAP!

Reply to people asking questions in a timely manner. The sooner the better! If someone takes the time to leave a question on your Facebook business page, don’t make them wait long for an answer.

Think about it, if someone calls your company, you answer the phone and you answer their questions immediately. The same should happen with email or a form submission from your website. All social media communication like Facebook should be treated the same.

Many consumers actually prefer to contact companies via social media and messaging rather than going through phone, email or a traditional contact form. And why not? It’s quick and easy!

Not only is social networking becoming a highly adopted method of communication, but those who use this medium are expecting a swift response. Facebook has even rolled out a “Very Responsive to Messages” badge that shows when business pages respond within 15 minutes and have at least a 90% response rate.

Note: There are ways to set it up so you receive notifications each time there is page activity and they also offer a Pages Manager app that can help you maintain and manage your page.

As well as providing excellent customer service to the person who originally asked the question on your Facebook Business Page, there are additional reasons you will want to answer them fully and in a timely manner:

  • Showcase your professional demeanor. Interaction with visitors on your page is displayed in public view for all to see. A lack of prompt, professional attention reflects badly on your company and its customer service (or lack thereof).
  • Unanswered questions not only look bad, but they are easy targets for competitors to come in and offer their services to the person asking the question, or anyone else on your page who sees the conversation.

Post Regularly

Don’t let your business page followers forget about you! You can safely post multiple times a day (depending on the post) and be sure to keep the subjects fresh and interesting. The bare-minimum weekly posts recommended is at least 3 times. Keep your brand out there and fresh in their minds.

Mingle With Fans

They took the time to comment, so why can’t you take a moment to interact with them? If it is a basic statement, a simple “like” of the comment will do. If it is an interesting, engaging or amusing comment, take a little more time to reach out and connect. It shows them, and everyone that sees it, that you’re interested in what they have to say!

Look out for Spam

It’s not only annoying to you, but to the people who are following you. If they see a bunch of spam posted on your page or in comments of your posts, many will leave and not return. Spam can be out right blatant, or more sneaky like these travel companies making nonsensical comments on another travel related pages posts.

Adore what? Amazing comment? Please! Stop trying
to get your travel page noticed on my travel page!!

Think About Facebook Ads

Especially if you are are just starting to grow your page following, Facebook Advertising can really help get you out in front of the right audience. From Facebook Page Like ads to Post Engagement ads, running a campaign can get you showing up in your target demographics FB feed. The more people that like and share your page and posts, the more reach Facebook will give you within the feed.

Keep in Mind

These tips should help your business page on Facebook grow to succeed. Stay tuned for an upcoming planned post, Anatomy of a Great Facebook Post, where you will find a number of general tips which should help to increase the effectiveness of your posts on Facebook.

As mentioned previously, effective Facebook marketing does take a fair amount of time and marketing know-how; if you find yourself running short on either we offer Facebook maintenance services in which we would assist you with posting, monitoring, and converting visitors to your Page. If you would like more information on these packages, contact us for a free consultation.