‘Tis the busiest season of the year and between the remaining holiday promotions, we wanted to remind you why building trust is important for any brand. We have talked about selling versus telling your story on social media and how it can help maintain brand loyalty amongst consumers. Among the endless emails filled with flashy sales and the overwhelming amount of sponsored social ads, there is the growing feeling of being sold to. Having a more compassionate marketing campaign can help the conversation surrounding your business change from being centered on hitting sales goals to genuinely serving the customer’s needs.

So how can you leave a lasting and remarkable impression on your consumers?

Identify What Drives You

Understanding what matters most to you as a person can help clarify what you want to bring to the table as a business. Pinpointing what you want to bring to your own personal life, along with the environment and community that you are surrounded by, can paint a clear picture on how your brand can support, as well as make a difference to your target market.

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Show Compassion

Sometimes the best marketing campaign is the one that listens. From scrolling through the comments on various social media channels to more personal interactions, there are sure to be opportunities that can use a more compassionate touch. A kind comment towards a customer might seem like a simple gesture but it can affect the receiving end in ways that you might not realize.

And compassion even extends to employees! Lending a listening ear to a colleague who isn’t having a stellar day can help keep work morale up and maintain a positive brand image. Taking the time to show empathy can actually build more powerful relationships than old-school methods of professionalism.

Support Customers Beyond the Transaction

Sales are important, there is no arguing that. But aligning your resources to support efforts that your consumers hold dear can be worthwhile in the long run. A social media search can easily identify what matters to your customers and what you can do in furthering a conversation or cause.

It is important to note that support does not need to be monetary; it could simply include using your social platforms and voice to share your thoughts about issues that are valued by customers.

When you as a company take the time to show care to the customer, it tells them that they are more than just a dollar sign. These days more than ever, people are listening to their family and friends versus advertisements. Becoming a better company with a compassionate marketing campaign can position your business well in an oversaturated marketplace.

Not sure where to start? Sit down with us in a free consultation and our Maui marketing team can help get you started!