We could tell you all about what you should expect from a professional web development and internet marketing agency including the depth of knowledge and experience that comes with being a top Maui seo company, but we know that you are more than likely to click on reviews before finding out firsthand. Whether you had an incredible experience that you just have to gush about or maybe you just want to lend some insight to help others decide if the product or service is a good fit for them, testimonials can be incredibly impactful in purchasing decisions. And as a consumer, it is almost as important to write those reviews as well as just reading them.

Contributing as social proof through a testimonial is a quick and thoughtful way to make a positive impact online but did you know that a poorly written testimonial can actually do more harm than good? Building trust is key as a business, which is why we encourage all our Maui SEO marketing and Hawaii web design clients to collect as much feedback as possible. On the flipside, in order to make your review actually beneficial to what a customer might be looking for (instead of just simply scrolling past) you need to establish that you have a trustworthy opinion to your fellow consumers.

So how do you write a great testimonial? Here are some of the top components that make up a helpful review:

Summarize the Benefits (or Lack Thereof) of the Product/Service
One of the biggest things that a potential customer is looking for is the answer to “How will buying or paying for this benefit me?”, so a great testimonial should provide that information. Whether your experience exceeded or fell short of your expectations, this is one of the things that you should be sharing each time you write a review.

Include a Professional(ish) Picture
While you don’t have to hire a photographer for your commenter profile, having a picture helps establish that you are a reliable source of information for this product or service. It shows the face behind the words and reminds the reader that an actual person wrote this review, not a bot. First impressions are everything, especially in the digital world so it is better to save those pau hana snaps for your personal social media.

Using Your Credentials to Establish Trust
If you are taking the time to leave a testimonial and you aren’t a famous celebrity or CEO of a famous company, don’t worry! The vast majority of us aren’t and that shouldn’t stop you from sharing your personal experience. If you want to build an incredible review, sharing a little bit about your background could go a long way. This is particularly helpful for those shopping business to business (B2B). Depending on the product or service, it could be beneficial to the consumer to know that you are established in the industry.

Showing Off the Service or Product in Action
A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you received a physical product or have any kind of visual documentation this could be the most helpful for readers. This shows the consumer what they can expect in terms of quality and value from the business as well as back up the words of your testimonial.

Ready to give it a try? Leave a comment below of how helpful this article was for you! Or maybe even leave a review for your favorite Maui SEO company?