A new year obviously means out with the old and in with the new, right? If you have been thinking about getting a head start on spring cleaning your website and marketing strategies, we suggest you take a quick moment before you start chucking popular business concepts into the past.

With an overwhelming amount of options available, it should come to no surprise that building trust is important across all industries. Brand loyalty is defined as the positive feelings towards a business that leads to repeat purchases of the same brand and is not the new kid on the block when it comes to key marketing strategies, although it is often overlooked when creating a campaign. So how can you work on integrating a brand loyal focus into your 2019 marketing strategy?

Customers are looking for community, so cultivate it.

As it turns out, customer engagement ranks actually higher than customer service in terms of what a consumer wants out of a business. Between fast responses to feedback to a platform where customers can exchange stories, engaging with your client base takes time and they appreciate it. Whether it is a hashtag community on social media or an online forum on your website, kick off 2019 by creating a place where your consumers can not only have conversations with you as a business but also with other like-minded individuals.

Everyone loves perks, make loyalty rewarding.

Loyalty programs are hardly news but before you grab the broom to sweep this one under the rug, there really is a reason that they are still a popular tactic. Yes, even in 2019! The ability to redeem extra discounts and exclusive access to products is hard for consumers to pass up. In fact, it is even expected for brands to have a reward system in some shape or form. Whether you are offering free or discounted items, you are more likely to retain your biggest fans and attract other customers to your business.

Personalize Your Communication

We talked about being personable and why you should make it a habit before but personalization is so important, we felt it bears repeating. When you stop treating your customers like strangers, you are likely to see better sales results. Whether it is learning how your customer base is communicating and catering to that or simply reaching out on life events like birthdays, making your clients feel special is a key component of brand loyalty.

The best part? All these tips are simple to carry out and can work together to create a more compassionate marketing campaign. And if you are not really sure where to start, sit down with us and our professional marketing team can help you get started with a free consultation!