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With all the marketing trends out there, it is no surprise if you find yourself stuck in the same place you were before even though you are surrounded with the latest in best practices or hacks. While the advice you stumbled upon might be what’s trending in 2019, it doesn’t always mean that it can be copied and pasted to any industry or business. To put it simply, no two businesses are the same and even direct competitors struggle to duplicate the other’s secret sauce. In order to put yourself above the rest of your competition and stand out to your target audience, you are going to have to get a little (or maybe a lot) creative and craft a custom marketing strategy that best fits you and your overall goals for your company.

So how do you get through all the clutter and find the right online marketing strategy for your business?

Create Interesting Content

Let’s face it, for every fun, engaging, and downright brilliant ad, there are about a million forgettable ones.  And it isn’t really because people hate marketing; they just hate the boring marketing! Content is one of the fundamentals of any campaign but it needs to be engaging to really matter. Whether it is thought-provoking, clever, funny or simply relatable, when you develop content that is naturally interesting consumers are more likely to in turn be interested in you and what your business has to offer. So discover what your company’s personality is and run with it!

Do It First

While all those innovative marketing trends may not be cookie cutter, it doesn’t always hurt to experiment with them. The one caveat is that you want to be the early adopter of these strategies to truly be successful with them. Being the first one to integrate a new strategy into your current campaign can potentially give you the market advantage and provides the opportunity to work out the kinks before more competition catches on. This is a great way to get ahead in your industry with minimum effort but it is important to note that this is really only effective in the short term as more people begin using the platform, tactic, or ad format. The first users of Facebook Ads, for example, used to get clicks for mere pennies but now a solid social media strategy is required to get the most out of it.

Keep Experimenting

On the other side of the coin, “slow and steady wins the race” can be just as an effective marketing strategy though it is slightly less exciting. For those who are interested in long-term growth that is a little more sustainable, this is for you. Success doesn’t happen overnight, even if it looks like it. And if you are consistent in your efforts and making the necessary adjustments from what you have learned over time, you are sure to see results that eventually make all the efforts work it.

Whether you are thriving on all three or mastering just one, we are sure that utilizing these basic marketing strategies can impact your overall campaign. And if you are nodding your head but are still not quite sure where to start, sit down with our Maui marketing team in a free consultation, and we can help you map out the best online marketing strategy for your business!