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As the second month of the New Year is beginning to draw to a close, we felt like this was a good time to hit refresh and get a head start on your spring cleaning. With the advancements in technology and social platforms, it should really come to no surprise that there have been some new (and old) digital marketing trends that we suggest keeping an eye on as 2019 progresses.

Data is entering privacy mode.

From better products for consumers to better returns for businesses, both marketers and consumers agree that tailored content leads to a win-win for all parties. Analytics has been an integral part of providing that tradeoff but with the spring of 2018’s Facebook privacy debacle, consumers are demanding more ethical as well as transparent ethical data use.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean chucking audience insights out the window, it will be important moving forward to focus on keeping your customers in the loop and making information more readily available. Consumers are currently apprehensive, so taking the extra step to be open about where their information is being sourced and how exactly you are planning on using it (read: giving them better, more beneficial products) will give you a better competitive edge in the long run.

Integrate AI technology

From chatbots to voice-recognition systems, artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing well beyond the features that we have seen in the last year. And while we always recommend maintaining a balance between automation and personal touches, why not leave some of the grunt work to the technical capabilities of an AI? As a business trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends, the use of AI in a marketing campaign can lead to higher productivity and the opportunity to test out new strategies that could potentially maximize current efforts.

Tell your story

Automation is helping businesses work smart, not harder but you should actively try to build personality as a business and create a connection with your consumers. The easiest way to do so is to share the business’s story via social media. Across all platforms, social media marketing is largely taking advantage of “stories” where users can post content without the pressure of crafting a picture-perfect campaign. With options for audiences to swipe for more info, show behind the scenes, announce company news, and so much more…the possibilities are endless! And since posts only stay live for 24 hours, it makes a lot easier to gauge what your consumers engage with and quickly adjust your strategy.

If you are hoping to create a more compassionate marketing campaign this year, telling your story is one of the easiest ways to do so!

And do it live.

If a picture is worth a thousand words and video is worth millions then imagine what going live is worth! Live video broadcasts have become the norm on social networks during 2018 and are projected to only grow in popularity as we continue into this year. It is a great way to show behind the scene looks at the business’s day to day and offers a great opportunity to connect with consumers through live conversations. From Q&A interviews to webinars and product demonstrations, there is so much opportunity to share intimate moments and experiences with a mass audience.

We are only two months in and these are just a few of the top marketing trends to keep an eye on. Not sure how to take this information and translate it into a better campaign strategy? Schedule a free consultation and sit down with our digital marketing professionals to map it all out!