Want to take your business promotions to the next level, but don’t know where to start? Start here:

Paid Advertising

While having a good organic growth strategy is always a top priority in marketing your business online, if you want optimal visibility of your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. having a paid advertising strategy on Social Media is essential. As it is with virtually any other type of media, if you want people to actually see your business on your chosen platforms, you will want to dedicate a budget for paid placement. This includes everything from in stream promotion of posts, creation and promotion of ad specific content, hiring of promotional talent (eg. “influencers,”) expenses related to contests/giveaways, etc. Along with increasing your businesses visibility, social media paid advertising has the additional benefit of allowing you to target specific demographics related to your products, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of prospective customers/followers who find you via these ads.

Enhanced Interactive Posts

“Picture, picture, video, words, pict… hey what’s that!?” In today’s over-saturated social feeds, eliciting a “THIS is cool!” type of reaction can be a challenge for even the hippest brands. There are however a few photo options within Facebook which you could use to spruce up your followers’ timelines which are not seen as often by your typical everyday follower. The most popular of these options include:

  • 360 Photos
    As the name suggests, Facebook 360 Photos enables you to present your photo(s) to users as an interactive panorama that can be explored by swiping on the image or pointing your phone in different directions. While this feature has been around for some time now, it is not widely seen due to source images needing to be of extra high resolution and specific dimensions (many newer phone/camera apps have modes to take and format photos for Facebook 360 automatically,) and therefore is still an effective attention grabber when they pop up in most user’s timelines.
  • 360 Videos
    Similar to 360 Photos, but in videos. 360 Videos allows viewers to play a video while panning the camera in any direction throughout. This feature requires a more sophisticated camera setup than your average video (typically a phone with dual or quad cameras,) but when done right can be worth the extra expense.
  • 3D Photos
    One of the newer photo features available on Facebook, 3D photos may just be the most “wow” producing effect currently available on the platform. 3D photos automatically give the viewer a sense of added depth and perspective in their photos without the need for any external peripherals (i.e. no 3D glasses required!) As 3D photos display without any prompts, they have the added benefit of gaining attention in a user’s cluttered timeline by the subtle shifting movements these photos display as they appear in the feed; causing users to do a double-take and stop to engage with your 3D photo. Requirements for setting up 3D photos are a newer phone with dual cameras, with recommended requirements of a subject that can be photographed with success from a few feet away, a scene containing contrasting colors and textures and, preferably, a subject which is not too shiny, reflective, or transparent. For more information on these features and their requirements, visit the Facebook 360 official page.

Livestream Videos

Have an event coming up which you think your current and prospective customers would enjoy seeing, right now? Get them engaged by starting a livestream. All the major social media channels have some type of feature that allows you to livestream video to your followers, oftentimes with the added benefit of additional (and free!) prompting of your followers to watch your livestream, through automated direct notifications, possible priority placement in feeds, etc. Regardless of the industry you are in, there is something of interest to your audience which you could stream to them live to increase engagement: Think ocean sunsets for those in the beachfront vacation rental industry, “how it’s made” livestreams from inside the facility that makes your physical product(s,) live “how to” demonstrations of beauty products, a live backstage stream from your client’s concert, etc. Best of all, even if you only have an older or mid-tier phone available, as long as it takes decent quality video (which covers most phones released in the last few years) you will be able to film a successful livestream.

Start improving your business’s social presence today by applying these tips to your own social channels. And if it all gets to be a bit much for you to maintain as your business grows, contact the online marketing experts at Meyer Computer, Inc. to discuss how we can help you enhance audience growth for your business.