Instagram Management

What is Instagram Account Management?

As an extension of Facebook, Instagram is an app-only social networking platform that emphasizes visual sharing in a mobile space. Complete with a profile and newsfeed, other users who follow your account will be able to see your post in their own feed and can interact through likes as well as comments.

Depending on the online marketing plan that meets your needs, professional Instagram management may include:

  • Instagram Business Page Setup
    Sometimes looks aren’t everything, but for your business’s online presence that is not the case. From a well-curated profile feed right down to the perfect logo and a well-written bio, it is important to create a great first impression on this platform.
  • Visual Content Creation
    Consistent images and videos with intriguing captions that attract users to your profile and utilize a clear call to action to drive traffic to your website.
  • Build Your Instagram Following
    If you are looking to grow a quality following and build a sense of loyalty amongst consumers, communicating your business’s message through visuals and customer service is almost crucial. With an ever-changing algorithm, this is something that requires expert knowledge and strategy. Whether it is targeting consumer needs through Instagram ads or utilizing social media tools to create viral posts organically, you need to build brand awareness and promote your company with a wider reach.
  • Developing Consumer Relationships
    Interacting and answering any questions or concerns in a timely manner helps develop a better relationship with consumers before and after they purchase your product or service.

Why is it Important to be on Instagram?

Consumer attention has shifted to their smartphones, which means that in order to be seen by your consumer markets you need to be where they are spending their time. Here in the United States, Internet users are spending more time on Instagram than any other network besides Facebook. As of 2017, the social media app comes with over 700 million active users that could potentially become your customers.

While success for businesses on Facebook typically comes with expert knowledge and a strategic marketing plan, Instagram gives a company the unique ability to brand with powerful visual content.

How Can We Help?

Whether you are just looking to get your business’s Instagram profile started, or you are looking for a social media team on Maui to manage it completely, we are here to help! With multiple Internet marketing packages that vary depending on your marketing goals, consider your online presence covered.

Still stuck on how it can benefit your company? Request a free consultation today and we can discuss what you are looking to accomplish!

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