Pinterest Management

What is Pinterest Management?

Pinterest is a social media app that people use for different reasons than networks like Instagram and Facebook. Rather than sharing with family and friends, Pinterest is a place of inspiration and is also used to seek out ideas for new products to buy. The way that your business profile is presented along with how it interacts with its audience is crucial to taking advantage of the total number of Pinterest users.

A social media package to manage Pinterest accounts might include:

  • Professional Pinterest Profile Set Up
    There are a lot of benefits to having a business account set up rather than a personal one. A business Pinterest account includes features that are business-related like analytics and the opportunity to utilize Pinterest Advertising.
  • Expertly Optimized Content
    Utilizing SEO tactics to optimize your business’s content and help boost organic discoverability as well as mobile readability. There are a large number of places within Pinterest to strategically place keywords and show the algorithm how relevant is your content.
  • Consistent Pinning
    Users are constantly searching on Pinterest, meaning that consistent posting maximizes the chances of reaching potential customers.

Why is Being on Pinterest Important?

If you have been caught wondering if Pinterest is a social network your business wants to be on, the short answer is yes! While Pinterest might not be a social media giant like Facebook, with 200 million monthly users (and growing) there is a beneficial value in having an active presence on this platform.

Pinterest is, however, a network you where you will want to have a solid plan in place since, without a marketing strategy, you are potentially missing out on a lot of key connections with current as well as new customers. Pinterest is not just a social site, it is a search engine. So strategic placement of your product or service on this platform will help you reach consumers at several different stages of their path to purchase.

How Can We Help?

Whether you are looking for a Pinterest account manager or someone to get your business on the web or you are not sure how to use Pinterest to maximize your online traffic our Maui social media team is available to help! Meyer Computer, Inc. has a number of online marketing services that vary depending on your needs and each come with complimentary Pinterest training along with on-call support during MCI business hours.

And if you are on the fence if social media is for your business, request a free consultation and we will help you pinpoint your marketing goals as well as how to best achieve them.

Maximize your social media marketing strategy with multiple social channels, ask us how today!

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