LinkedIn Management

What is LinkedIn Profile Management?

While LinkedIn is optimal for job hunters and growing your online professional network, this site is equally effective for businesses. As a social networking tool, LinkedIn can generate new business leads along with nurturing referral relationships.

While social media marketing plans vary, professional LinkedIn business profile management typically includes items such as:

  • LinkedIn Business Profile Setup
    First impressions are everything and having a professional appearance, from your logo right down to what your business offers, is the best way to put your best foot forward online.
  • Sharable Content With Posts
    Producing posts that include viewers interests, not only encourages them to engage but also to share, which will expand your reach.
  • Encourage Positive Engagement and Experiences
    Interacting with consumers and responding to comments as well as questions in a timely manner typically boosts positive experiences amongst customers.
  • Manage Connections
    When social network communication is executed properly, you have the potential to develop powerful relationships on LinkedIn.

Why is it Important to be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn users in the United States alone has grown to over 500 million and is projected to continue growing. This business-focused social site is based on professional networking rather than the personal sharing you see on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Essential marketing for B2B companies, this platform is a great space to not only promote yourself as a business but to also establish connections and build relationships. By having a company presence on LinkedIn, you can easily share your story while engaging with your followers.

How Can We Help?

Meyer Computer, Inc. offers multiple social media management packages that work with what you are trying to achieve online. So whether you are on the hunt for LinkedIn management services or to just get your business profile set up, our Hawaii social network managers are here to help!

Still unsure if LinkedIn or a social online presence is for your business? Request a free consultation today and we can discuss your goals along with how best to accomplish them.

All of our Internet marketing services come with complimentary LinkedIn training as well as on-call support during business hours.

Our Social Media Marketing Services:

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Consumer attention has been shifting to their smartphones, which means that if you are looking for your business to be seen by your consumers you need to be where they are spending their time. Instagram is a social media marketing platform that enables a company to brand themselves with powerful visual content that communicates with customers in a different way. Learn about how our Instagram Management Services can help your company.

Typically thought of as the home for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, Pinterest is actually a great social media marketing platform when used strategically. As a search engine, you can strategically place your product or service to help reach consumers at different stages of their path to purchase. Learn more about how our Pinterest Management Services can help your business.

This social media marketing platform is just another means of digital communication. How your business is presented along with the interaction with your audience varies from other platforms and is very important when using Twitter to support your brand. Discover how our Twitter Management Services can help leverage your business.

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