Ever wonder how to get your visitors back after they’ve left your website, app or video? You know they were interested in your product or service, or they wouldn’t have been there in the first place…

Right when a potential customer leaves your website is the most crucial time. They may be off searching through the competition or related information, which is exactly when you want to remind them why they should pick your services. Or, perhaps, they just were not quite ready to make that purchase or contact – also another critical time to gently remind them that your brand is ready, willing and able to help when they feel the time is right.

Well, why not try your hand at remarketing? It’s a great way to get targeted ads in front of those past visitors as they browse around the internet. Also known as retargeting, remarketing is generally either a cookie ID based technology that anonymously follows your potential customer all over the web or an audience data driven list you create. Your past visitors could be checking their email, visiting their favorite social network, reading the news, browsing their favorite travel site, watching a YouTube video and then ta-da, there’s your business ad enticing them to come back for another look at your product or service.

A Few Different Ways to Remarket Your Business

Google AdWords Remarketing

  • Google Remarketing for Search Ads: show ads to past visitors as they do further searches for what they need after leaving your website.
  • Customer List: upload your own customer contact information list and show your customers ads across different Google products when they are signed in.
  • Standard Remarketing: general ads shown on Google’s Display Network partner websites and apps.
  • Dynamic Ads: showing dynamically generated ads that relate to services or products the visitor showed an interest in while visiting your site (generally for large scale businesses).
  • Video Remarketing: show ads to people that have viewed and interacted with your videos or YouTube channel.

Facebook & Instagram Remarketing Ads

  • Contact Lists: connect with your customers or clients on Facebook or Instagram with data from your contact lists (phone/email addresses).
  • Website Visitors: adding a snippet of code to your website allows you to create a custom audience of previous visitors of your website.
  • App Users: install a bit of code to your app and you can entice them to return for more game play or view an item they may want to purchase.

Remarketing is a type of paid advertising that is known to offer quality conversions! Since these visitors were already in the market for the services or product you offer, they are more like to reach out and make that purchase. Not only that, but creating remarketing lists brings in the whole new possibility of marketing to a similar audience. But that is a blog for another day…

Re-marketing is your chance to keep your brand in front of traffic that has bounced away and hopefully convert them into a sale or client! Want to know more about setting up retargeted ads or need help find the best Google paid ads and/or Facebook paid ads to fit your business model? Contact us today for a free consult.