Looking to incorporate the “work smarter, not harder” mantra into your 2020 marketing strategy? While the advancement of automation has drastically reduced time spent sharing a message with customers, it can take away from the actual connection that your message was attempting to achieve in the first place. Understanding the importance of consumer communication preferences can make or break a marketing campaign this year, and making it more humanlike is one of the big things you should start reworking into your strategy.

Among all the automation that has taken over most industries, consumers are increasingly looking for a real person to interact with. So how do you humanize your marketing campaign? There are a significant amount of areas that you can add a personal touch to your business’s marketing but to make it a little less intimidating, we put together a list of the top places where it is absolutely necessary.

Social Media

Social Media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram, were created with one main purpose – connecting with other individuals. With that in mind, this is an easy place to start creating a two-way engagement with your targeted audience. Whether it is posing a question on a post or replying to a comment, these small actions can make all the difference!

And the perk to social media is that it is also easy to measure thanks to the data-rich environment. For example, it is fairly easy to gauge that people and faces tend to do significantly better in terms of generating valuable engagement versus objects.

Email Marketing

As something that just about everyone receives on a daily basis, email marketing might seem a little oversaturated but there are a few things that will make all the difference. If you are looking to entice recipients into opening your business’s email, you will need to consider making the sender name, subject line, and preheader text a little more humanlike.

Using a person’s name (potentially even your name if that is appropriate) is a simple and incredibly easy way to make your automated email a little more like an actual human. It is almost habit to delete emails that come through from brands but a customer might feel more inclined to opening if it seemed like it was coming from a person. And there are extra bonus points if you personalized the email to include the recipient’s name as well!

The “About Us” Page

When finally landing on your website, customers are likely to visit your “About Us” page due to the desire to make a personal connection. Wondering, “what is an about page and do I need one?” The “About Us” page is a great place to help share your business’s story along with the people behind it. Use this opportunity to showcase the company’s personality!

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of areas within your marketing campaign that you can make more humanlike so we challenge you to think of these areas as a jumping off point. Not sure what to do from here? Sit down with our Maui marketing team and we can help get you started, schedule a free consultation today!