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In this day and age, it should come to almost no surprise that marketing is constantly evolving and largely due to the advancement of tech. Because of this, it is crucial for brands to be aware that while reaching out to consumers is getting easier with the developing technology, it is ultimately becoming overwhelming for consumers. Information overload is a real thing and most people are getting tired of the remarketing and social media advertisements bombarding their news feeds daily.

So does that mean that we should stop using these marketing strategies all together? The short answer is no and here is why.

There is an art to digital marketing and promoting the same products or services to all consumers means you are ultimately wasting resources while getting less of a return. Technology has made it incredibly easy for companies to gain helpful information about their target market such as personal preferences, how to reach their customers and even when to reach them. And while all this information is beneficial to the company marketing themselves, this has become frustrating consumers resulting in them opting out of all promotional messages. But rather than eliminating this information and the tactics that use them, you should simply adjust your marketing strategy. Listening to how consumers prefer brand communication is key to this.

Adweek put together a marketing research report that details that consumers want companies to reach out to them without annoying them with either too much information or invading their privacy.  The majority of consumers feel comfortable sharing with brands their email address (64% of participants), age (63% of participants), and name (61% of participants). While information like employment status, phone number, home address, and social media handles are among personal info that customers prefer to remain private. The large consensus of the report was that most consumers, about 70% of participants to be more specific, prefer communication via email and 58% of participants agreeing that the best way a brand can win them over is by having excellent products or services along with sharing meaningful content.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? There is a lot that goes into successfully building brand loyalty, especially when most markets are saturated with competition.  Schedule a free consultation today and let’s sit down to talk about some creative solutions to your internet marketing strategy that gets your business out there while still being mindful of the communication preferences of your target market.