Looking for a new way to increase traffic to your website? If your answer is “YES!” then take a moment to consider adding a webcam to your website. A great addition to any business website that has an audience that appreciates seeing a live view of their products (i.e. vacation rentals, activity companies, real estate sales, and many others) having a live webcam feed can add value to your website in numerous ways, all without breaking the bank. Here’s a few of the many benefits of adding a webcam to your site:

1. Increased Traffic
For businesses based in Hawaii or similar locales where there is sunshine, sand, surf, or other attractive bits of tropical nature to be seen, having a webcam is a no-brainer. People love to see live views of paradise from their home prior to booking or buying, particularly when “home” is in a cold, snowy, or otherwise less than ideal location.

2. Exclusive Content
Every day offers a new view from your camera, which means new content, exclusive to you, and ready to distribute across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest of your social media channels for increased exposure. This also means continually updated video content streaming live on your site: giving visitors yet another reason to come back to your site and imagine themselves out on that gorgeous white sand beach, or in that cool infinity pool; prompting them to book or buy now!

3. Don’t Forget YouTube
Want to build a presence on Youtube, but only have a few videos so far? An outdoor webcam that records while streaming is a great option for building up your YouTube channel quickly. Our webcam service offers the option to record up to 7 days of past footage, so there’s no need to worry if you miss recording yesterday’s sunset on the beach or tomorrow’s sunrise over Haleakala!

4. Added Peace of Mind
While it is a rare occurrence that you or your clients will run across any trouble on your vacation property or home for sale, it does not hurt to have a camera in plain sight, recording and streaming live everything happening at your or your client’s property. You could even put up a sign just below the webcam camera alerting would-be baddies that they are being filmed AND streamed live; deterring them from causing any trouble.

Ready to add a webcam stream to your website? Contact us today to discuss how a webcam will make a great addition to your Internet Marketing plan with Meyer Computer, Inc.! Mahalo!