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Creating the secret sauce that builds a successful online presence is no easy feat, but finding the right online marketing strategy that makes the most sense for your business is a good starting point. 

Internet marketing is made up of a bunch of different channels to guide potential customers through the marketing funnel. And while the COVID-19 pandemic has set a lot of businesses, small and large alike, severely back, this unusual time sheds light on a unique channel that some businesses would not otherwise take advantage of. 

Blogging is a powerful way to promote your business online, especially when leveraged with other digital marketing tactics like SEO and PPC Advertising. From providing fresh content that feeds search engines to adding beneficial keywords to your website in the most organic way, blogging is an underappreciated marketing tactic that a lot of businesses are missing out on. 

Why? Blogging for a business can take time, and we all know that time is something that a lot of companies do not typically have a lot of. Except for now!

With a lot of businesses pausing usual activities in an effort to stay home and protect their communities, the extra time that would be normally spent on day-to-day operations can now be dedicated towards starting a business blog. And if you are wondering how this benefits a brand in the long run, check out these reasons you should start a blog for your business.

Provides an opportunity to boost your website traffic

With helpful content paired with strategic internal linking, your blog can easily become a resource that targets new visitors and organically funnels that traffic to what the business has to offer. As a more passive form of marketing, business blogs allow you share the industry that you operate in, who and what your brand is, along with sharing the need that your products or services help solve. 

Similar to social media marketing, your company’s blog can put your website in front of your target market via a different avenue that you would not have otherwise been found through. 

Allows you to establish yourself as an industry expert

By curating blog posts that are relevant to the company’s niche and beneficial in some way to the reader, you can easily demonstrate that you are an expert in that particular subject. And as you consistently add high-quality, useful information to the blog, the business can become a go-to source for readers to utilize. Establishing yourself as an industry expert not only helps you get ahead of the competition, but is also a great way to build trust amongst your target market!

You can develop a community and create better relationships with clients

Communication is an important part of a successful brand and is one of the biggest perks of having a blog as a business. Which is why it is important to further the discussion down in the comments! Having an active place for readers to share experiences, thoughts, and simply take part in the conversation allows for a community to come together over shared interests. It is also a creative way to humanize your marketing campaign and you might even learn more about your clientele.  

Want to start a blog for your business but not quite sure how you should go about it? Schedule a free consultation with our team of Maui marketing experts and we can help guide you through the process!