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As we all have spent the last couple of months attempting to adjust to the new normal, it comes as no surprise that a lot of businesses have been suffering during this time. And while most companies’ first response is to scale back drastically on their marketing spend, it is important to not stay idle for too long.

Staying relevant in your industry as well as at the forefront of customer minds is always an important aspect of running a business. So getting creative with your online marketing strategy during COVID-19 rather than halting your current efforts can benefit company operations in the long run.

How can an adjusted marketing campaign help?

If you are still hesitant to make some changes to your marketing plan versus halting it all together during this uncertain time, there are two key benefits that could help you make the best decision for your business. 

Get a lead on your competitors.

Since a lot of businesses are making the necessary adjustments to minimize their overhead, you will notice there are less businesses competing for your industry keywords. And with an increase of people spending more time online, should you choose to take advantage of this strategic opportunity you might notice an influx in website traffic. 

While this is especially beneficial for those who have been utilizing online advertising, even using the downtime to switch your focus on building relevant, helpful, and optimized content can help boost your company amongst the competition. And, as some industries might not even have the ability to cater to customers at this time, building out your website content might actually be a more favorable SEO strategy. For instance, it makes more sense for travel-related businesses like Hawaii hotels and vacation rentals to focus on back-end operations and their social media presence rather than paid advertising as current travel restrictions make it hard to take bookings. 

Set your business up for success post-pandemic. 

Above all, investing in the bare minimum of a marketing campaign will ultimately set your business up for success once things start to look a bit brighter. Whether you have been maintaining a social presence or working on some website behind-the-scenes that have been neglected until now, doing some marketing is better for your business’s longevity than having to start from scratch post-pandemic. 

Not sure where to start adjusting your marketing strategy? In addition to our top SEO COVID-19 tips, we have put together a list of strategies for you to explore. 

  • Reassure your customers that your business is still there for them with either email updates or regular social media posts.
  • Get creative with your approach and try out strategies that might have been too risky before as the situation is a little different. 
  • Develop a strong social media presence and start connecting with your target audience.
  • Make your website more user and mobile friendly to help prospects navigate what you have to offer. 

While you may need to minimize your overall business spend, now is definitely not the time to put the brakes on your campaign.This pandemic is providing a unique opportunity to put a positive spin on your operations by being strategic and leverage the lack of competition to your advantage! And if you are still not sure how to maximize your marketing efforts, book a free virtual consultation with our Hawaii marketing experts.