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Web Design & SEO Considerations When Building a Website

What is SEO in web design? Everyone has high hopes that their beautiful shiny new website will bring in tons of traffic. Although most businesses are savvy enough to understand that search engine optimization of the site is essential, many don’t realize that SEO should be built into the actual web design process and not […]

2019 SEO Trends & Predictions from Our Hawaii Internet Marketing Team

As Google continues to heavily invest at being everyone’s favorite search engine, SEO’s need to continually modify the techniques and priorities of their optimizing strategy to go along with all the newest bells and whistles. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends to consider as 2019 rolls into view. Be Prepared for […]

Writing a Blog Post is Like Roasting a Thanksgiving Day Turkey

After reading that title you’re probably wondering what a blog post and your Thanksgiving turkey could possibly have in common. Actually, properly roasting and tending to your turkey can be a lot like creating a great new and engaging blog that has guests showing up to joyfully consume your content. Follow these fun holiday themed […]

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What is Google My Business?

Aloha! Welcome to part 1 in a 2 part series about Google My Business (GMB) where we delve into the who, what, where and how do I of this great product put out by the search giant.   What is Google My Business? This free service, which launched back in June of 2014, has changed […]